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How Tall is Levi Ackerman? Age, Zodiac Sign, Levi’s Personality!

Levi Ackerman is a fan-favorite character across all anime genres and a pivotal character in the Attack on Titan series.

His precisely executed skills have severed the heads of innumerable titans, and he is maybe Zeke, the Beast Titanonly,’s nightmare. Being of Ackerman descent, his brains and personality are pretty amazing, as is his ability to handle difficult situations.

Everyone aspires to be like Levi, and he is a source of inspiration for all of us, but do you know the inner workings of Levi Ackerman? Are you aware that he may share some of your characteristics? Let’s examine his height, age, personality, and zodiac sign in depth.

There is a widespread saying that states, “You must not discuss Levi’s height in his presence,” but why does it exist? What is his stature? After reading this post, you will be an expert on Levi’s personality, we promise. So, let’s get started.

Who Exactly is Levi Ackerman?

First, it is crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of who Levi is. what is his function in the anime? Levi Ackerman is the leader of the special operations squad and is reputed to be the toughest soldier in Humanity.

Levi is a talented individual who can defeat numerous titans simultaneously; he defeated Zeke in his Beast Titan form multiple times. Levi dislikes expressing his deep emotions to others, and he appears to be a tough guy on the surface.

Rarely do we observe him becoming anxious in challenging situations, as he is typically either on the battlefield or cleaning his room.

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Levi’s Height & Age

As indicated previously, the only aspect of himself that Levi dislikes is his height, and he does not leave those who make fun of it. His height is 160 cm, or 5’3″.

Even though he is short, he is able to easily defeat enormous giants, and his height has never impeded him in his tasks. His commitment to humanity is simply astounding, and he cares nothing about his height in general.

It is safe to conclude that he is in his 30s, despite the fact that his age is never mentioned in the anime. He is older than Eren, Mikasa, and other new soldiers, but two to three years younger than his captain, Erwin Smith.

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Levi’s Personality

From Levi’s point of view, he is not someone who does not like to communicate his profound emotions to the public and primarily displays one style of expression. Levi has emotions, and he genuinely cares about his colleagues and friends.

He cared about his commander Erwin and vowed to destroy Beast Titan one day in order to revenge on him. When Zeke transformed his comrades into Titans, we witnessed Levi’s emotional side, and we all felt chills at that time.

The character of Levi resembles a walnut. Hard on the exterior but too soft on the interior. He could have revived his commander, but he chose Armin because he knew what was right and who should be revived.

He devoted his entire life to humanity and eventually become humanity’s most formidable soldier. He is somebody from whom we should all draw inspiration.

Levi’s Zodiac Sign

It is common knowledge that Levi’s birthday is December 25 and that his zodiac sign is Capricorn. This zodiac sign is renowned for its ambitious and strong-willed tendencies, and Levi embodies these features.

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Levi fought in innumerable wars, and his strong will and desire to serve humanity always maintained him in the lead. Therefore, Capricorn-born readers, the moment has come to utilize your full ability, just like Levi did.


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