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How Long Do Cannabis Seeds Last? and Other Tips for Proper Seed Storage!

Saving money on seeds typically involves purchasing a larger quantity at once. Additionally, many online seed banks throw in a nice selection of bonus seeds with your order. If that’s the case, though, you’ve got a problem on your hands. You can’t possibly plant that many seeds all at once.

Therefore, you wish to set aside some for later use. What I’m worried about is whether or not the seeds will survive long enough. What we have to tell you is good. It is possible to store cannabis seeds for a long time. Find out how long they last and what you can do to make them last longer.

 How Long Can You Keep Marijuana Seeds?

How Long Do Cannabis Seeds Last

The lifespan of cannabis seeds is greater than 5 years. However, this assumes you have good seeds and can keep them fresh for a long time. In any other case, the expected lifespan drastically decreases. It’s worth noting, though, that an older seed has a lower chance of germinating.

Even if you have purchased a high-quality strain from one of the best online seed banks, you should still use your seeds as soon as possible. Stored in an envelope at room temperature, good seeds can last for up to two years. If you take care of the things I’ve listed below, you can make that last for a long time.

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How Long Weed Seeds Stay Viable and Why

Clearly, heredity plays a pivotal role. To put it simply, high-quality seeds have a longer shelf life than their low-quality counterparts. Low-quality seeds can quickly rot.
The handling of the seeds also matters. Seeds have a long shelf life if the seed bank you bought them from properly stores them and mails them in a way that prevents damage.

Other than picking a reputable seed bank, you have no say in those aspects. The post-arrival care of your seeds is entirely under your control. Make the best effort to create the most favorable environment possible. A moment later, we’ll discuss the most effective method of storing them. Let’s begin with a discussion of the most crucial element influencing the viability of cannabis seeds.


The presence of light triggers the germination process in seeds. Even if they don’t germinate because other factors are lacking, the chemical processes for germination can be triggered, rendering the seeds inedible when the time comes. Storage in the dark will prolong the viability of your seeds.


Hotter temperatures are also a sign of impending germination. The ideal temperature for storing seeds is just below freezing. They’ll be fine stored at room temperature, but you can extend their life by a few days if you keep them between 42 and 46 degrees Fahrenheit (or 6 and 8 degrees Celsius).


How Long Do Cannabis Seeds Last

The presence of water also triggers the germination process. Plus, decay can set in when things are too wet. The ideal conditions for storing seeds are between 8 and 10% relative humidity.

Modifications in the Environment

Environmental disruptions are far more severe than the aforementioned problems. The seeds will keep for a long time even if you just store them in a kitchen drawer at room temperature and humidity. Maybe even a couple of years. However, if the conditions (such as humidity, temperature, and light) are constantly changing, the lifespan will be drastically reduced.


Finally, a vacuum extends a seed’s shelf life significantly. They can survive in Earth’s normal atmosphere for quite some time, but a vacuum is optimal. Simply containing them in an inaccessible area has proven to be highly effective. They’ll be able to breathe oxygen, but they won’t have access to consistent ventilation. A lack of oxygen not only hinders pests’ ability to grow but also stops seeds from germinating.

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Tips On Extending The Viability Of Cannabis Seeds

How Long Do Cannabis Seeds Last

Keeping your seeds in a cool, dry, dark place will go a long way toward ensuring they last a long time, as all the factors mentioned above affect how long weed seeds last.

Vacuum-sealing a container is the first step to extending the viability of your marijuana seeds. If you haven’t already, we suggest keeping them in the original packaging they came in from the seed bank. If you can, store it in an airtight, nonporous container. Although a vacuum sealer is preferable, it is not required; if you do not have one, a dark paper envelope will suffice.

Place the contents of this package inside the jar. Even though the box itself should be dark, adding wrapping to the mason jar is a safe bet if you want to make sure the contents stay dark. Consider including desiccants like silica gel packs to maintain dry conditions.

You should refrigerate this mason jar. Use a refrigerator that is rarely opened to minimize temperature and humidity changes. You can keep your seeds alive for a long time if you just remember those few simple steps. We cover a lot more ground in our article on how to properly store marijuana seeds.

Tips for Identifying Old Cannabis Seeds

Let’s pretend you’ve been sitting on some seeds for quite some time. How can I tell if they are still effective or if they have degraded over time? Despite the fact that many seeds appear fine, they fail to germinate despite the fact that there are signs that they have not survived. Only by actually trying to germinate a seed can you tell if it has survived or not, even if it appears to be in good condition.

What then are the telltale signs that seeds didn’t make it?

How Long Do Cannabis Seeds Last

Crevices in the seed coat are the most glaring example. Cracks in the tough outer shell indicate that the seed is probably no longer viable. Once the seed’s genetic material has been exposed, it has a much lower chance of germinating normally.

The exterior sheath may also offer clues. In general, a healthy seed is one that yields only minimally when gently squeezed. A useless seed is one whose shell can be crushed with minimal effort (and now crushed).

The Seed’s Appearance Can Provide Some Insight.

Additionally, the seed’s appearance can provide some insight. The ideal characteristics would be a thin waxy coating and a dark color. The best seeds have a brown, black, or grey coloration with stripes or spots. However, some strains have lighter seeds, so it’s important to know what to expect from your particular strain. At last, you can try the water test, which is valid for any kind of seed and not just weed seeds.

The seeds are tested by being submerged in warm water for a few hours. You can tell they’re ready to germinate if they sink to the bottom. They are probably dead if they don’t sink from the surface. Only seeds that you intend to germinate should undergo this procedure. Seeds that have already been soaked will not keep for very long in storage.

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When It Comes to Cannabis Seeds, What I’ve Learned in Retrospect

High-quality seeds can be stored for years without losing viability. They have a potential lifespan of 5+ years when cared for properly. However, you must store them in a stable environment with low temperatures, low humidity, and no light.

In addition, it has been recommended that you purchase your seeds from a dependable seed bank like ILGM or Crop King Seeds. You shouldn’t buy from a seed store that has a history of delivering faulty products. As a rule, they disregard every piece of advice we’ve provided. To learn more about one such seed bank, have a look at our analysis of Dutch Seed Shop.


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