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His Fiancée Claims That Officers Ignored the Man’s Cries for Help as He Lay Dying in an Nypd Precinct

According to the man’s girlfriend, who was also in prison at the time of his death earlier this month, the man had complained for several hours to cops about chest pains before he passed away.

The New York Police Department said on April 1 that 38-year-old Haleem Johnson was discovered unresponsive in a holding cell at the Midtown South station at around 2 p.m. He was taken to Mount Sinai West Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

The NYPD’s Force Investigation Division, which investigates police shootings and deaths of people in police custody, is reportedly looking into the event.

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Police and the Manhattan district attorney’s office say that Black man Johnson and his girlfriend Aqaw Bior were detained the day before for a domestic violence incident that occurred in Johnson’s Hell’s Kitchen apartment.

The NYPD would not comment on Bior’s story and claimed they were still looking into Johnson’s death.

Bior stated that she heard Johnson, after being imprisoned for over 20 hours, yell to the police officers that he was having problems breathing. From her cell across the hall and within hearing distance of Johnson, Bior said she also attempted to gain the cops’ attention.

Bior, also known as Indigo, remarked, “Do you know how many times I asked, ‘Is Haleem OK?'” They were eating at McDonald’s and used the excuse, “We’re a little busy right now.”

Bior continued, “I heard him [Johnson] say, ‘Get off of me’ and, ‘My chest hurts.

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Bior stated that she afterward witnessed the departure of Johnson on a stretcher from the station.

The NYPD announced a “death in police custody” the following day at the local station.

Bior claimed that Johnson had high blood pressure, was an alcoholic, and was denied access to his medicine while in custody.

According to the NYPD, the arrests occurred at roughly 2 p.m. on March 31. According to Bior, she was initially admitted to Bellevue Hospital for psychiatric care.

She claimed that 14 hours later, she and Johnson were waiting to be arraigned in the Midtown South precinct on West 35th Street.

But Johnson never showed up for his court date. About twenty-four hours after his capture, he passed away.

Bior proclaimed on Wednesday, “My heart is killing me,” as he stood outside Johnson’s apartment complex. “I come here every day to remember, just to see, maybe it ain’t real.”

The city’s medical examiner is still trying to determine what killed Johnson.

Towanda Daniels, Johnson’s aunt, said the NYPD got in touch with a family acquaintance five or six hours after Johnson’s death. She said the detectives didn’t show up there to break the news until 2 o’clock in the morning.

Police withheld Johnson’s name from Gothamist for nine days following his death, citing “pending family notification,” even though his loved ones claimed to have been informed more than a week earlier.

The phrase uttered by Daniels, “They let him die,” is a direct quote.

Based on the preliminary facts provided by the medical examiner, Daniels suspected her nephew had suffered a heart attack.

Family and acquaintances say that Johnson, better known by his nickname Holla Dollar, loved to dance. He became famous for his unique shuffle, known as the “Holla Woody.”

Daniels said, “No one could do it like him.” You couldn’t be upset with him for very long even if you tried. He’s just one of those sorts.

On Wednesday, Johnson’s fiancée and friends met outside his apartment building to discuss possible scenarios for his disappearance.

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Tara Roper, a friend and neighbor of Johnson’s, has remarked, “Me and him we were real close, mad cool.” They were coworkers under Johnson at Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises.

Smitty’s sister Nancy Smith claims that he once gave Johnson advice on how to pick the perfect flowers to impress the women.

“He went through a lot,” Smitty remarked. I really like this young man.

Aunt Daniels claims that she and Johnson spoke on the phone every day.


“He always wanted to FaceTime,” she laughed. Nothing he said sounded normal. It was your face he was hoping to see the most.

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