Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Temps Will Drop This Week, and There’s a Chance of Snow on Thursday

New Jersey may expect cooler weather and possibly additional snow in the coming days. Dave Curren, a meteorologist with the Storm Watch Team, is keeping tabs on the possibility of further snowfall between Thursday night and Friday

WHAT TO EXPECT NEXT: Slightly below-average temperatures. There is a greater sense of coolness due to the wind. It is forecast to rain throughout most of New Jersey on Thursday night and Friday. However, there is a chance of snow in the state’s northwest.

Overnight: Mostly Clear Skies and Lows in The Twenties

Forecast: Colder temps this week; tracking potential for more snow Thursday night

There will be lots of sunshine on Tuesday, but the temperature won’t rise to match. The wind chill factor could make it feel like it’s in the single digits when you first get up. We’ll see low 40s for highs during the day. Predicted overnight lows in the mid-20s.

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On Wednesday, we’ll have a combination of clear skies and overcast conditions. Maximum temperatures during the day will hover around 39 degrees. Temperatures will drop to roughly 24 degrees Fahrenheit overnight.

Forecast: Colder temps this week; tracking potential for more snow Thursday night

On Thursday, clouds will give way to rain and cold temperatures by the evening. Temperatures will reach the mid-40s during the day and dip to the low thirties at night.

Friday morning will bring rain and cold temperatures.
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Expect around 44 degrees during the day.
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We’ll see lows of 38 or so tonight.

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SUN and CLOUDY SKIES FOR THE WEEKEND. Expect highs of around 40 degrees Fahrenheit (or more) during the day. Conditions expected to drop to the low 30s and high 20s at night.


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