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Find My Device: Learn How to Use Google’s “Find My Device”!

These days, losing your phone may be a major inconvenience, whether you misplaced it, left it in a cab, or buried it under the bed. With the help of Android’s Find My Device feature, you should be able to track down your misplaced phone. You’ll need to turn on both Find My Device and Google’s Location services for it to work. The phone must be powered on and associated with a Google account.

The Find My Device feature is preinstalled on Pixels and a number of other Android phones, and it is normally enabled by default. Keep in mind that some Android devices, like Samsung’s phones, may offer a separate app; for instance, Samsung has its own Find My Mobile app.

Ensure that Your Gadget Is Properly Configured.

Find My Device: Learn How to Use Google's "Find My Device"!

Learn how To Make Sure Your Device Is Properly Configured Below.

  • Start the Machine Up.
  • To Access the Quick Settings Menu, Double-Tap the Screen’s Top. from There, You Can Toggle on Wireless Internet Access or Mobile Data (or Both).
  • Select Preferences.
  • Method: Go to Google and Then Account.
  • Caution: If You Are Logged Into Google, Your Name and Email Address Will Appear at The Top of Every Page You Visit. if You Need to Log In, You Should Have Received a Reminder Already.
  • Turn on The Location and Security System.
  • Please Take Into Consideration that Some Phones May Require You to Go to Google > Security or Google > Find My Device to Access These Features.
  • Under Find My Device It Will Say on Or Off. if It’s Off, Hit Find My Device and Flip the Switch to On.
  • To Access the Privacy Settings, Return to The Security and Location Menu and Scroll Down to The Bottom.
  • Under Location, It Will Say on Or Off. if It Is Turned Off, Selects Location and Turn It On. Here, You May Check Recent Location Requests from Apps on Your Phone.
  • By default, Your Phone Is Visible on Google Play, but It’s Easy to Hide It. Go to Play.Google.Com/settings to View the Current Device Status in Google Play.
  • There, You May View a Catalog of All the Gadgets You Own. for This to Take Effect, You Must First Enable Menu Visibility Under the Visibility Heading.

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How to Use Google Find My Device?

Find My Device: Learn How to Use Google's "Find My Device"!

  • Now that You Have the Find My Device Set Up, You Can Use It Any Time You Misplace Your Phone or Tablet.
  • A reminder that Tracked Device Will Always Send You an Alert Whenever You Activate Find My Device. if You Receive This Warning but Haven’t yet Enabled Two-Step Verification on Your Google Account, You Should Do so Immediately.
  • To Begin, Open a New Tab in Your Web Browser and Navigate to Google.Com/android/find.
  • Please Double-Check that You’ve Correctly Implemented All the Preceding Steps if It Still Can’t Locate Your Device After You’ve Scanned It.
  • If Your Phone, Smartwatch, or Tablet Is Nearby, Find My Device Will Attempt to Locate It. the Device’s Location Can Be Found via The “Find My Device” App, Provided that The Location Services Are Turned On. You Can Tell if It’s Functioning Because a Map Will Appear with A Pin Placed at The Position of The Gadget.
  • Observe that There Are Tabs on The Left Side of The Screen for Each of Your Google-Connected Devices.
  • the Name of Your Device, Its Last Known Location, the Network It Is Connected To, and Its Battery Life Are All Displayed Beneath the Respective Tabs.

How to Set up The Function Who’s Helping to Find My Device?

Find My Device: Learn How to Use Google's "Find My Device"!

After Setting up Find My Device, You Have Three Options:

Play Sound: Play a Sound Even if Your Android Is in Silent Mode.

In the event that You Misplace or Lose Your Gadget, You Can Lock It from A Distance. in Case Someone Finds Your Phone and Wishes to Return It, You Have the Option of Adding a Message and Your Contact Information to The Lock Screen.

If You Have Lost Your Device and Have No Hope of Recovering It, You Can Erase All of The Information on It. if Your Phone Isn’t Connected to The Internet, You Won’t Be Able to Clean It to Erase All Data and Return It to Factory Settings.

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How Does Google’s Find My Device Work?

In the event that Your Android Phone, Tablet, or Wristwatch Is Lost or Stolen, You May Use Find My Device (formerly Known as Android Device Manager) to Remotely Lock Down Your Device and Even Delete All of Its Data.

Once Google Find My Smartphone Is Installed on One of Your Android Gadgets, You Can Use It to Track Down Your Misplaced Gadget from A Computer or Another Android Device. by Logging in With Your Google Account, the App Will Mirror Your Desktop Experience.

Some Preconditions Must Be Met. in Order for The Gadget to Work, It Must:

  • Be On
  • You Must Be Logged Into Your Google Account.
  • Utilize a Wireless Network or Cellular Data
  • Make Your Presence Felt on Google Play
  • Turn on The Ability to Track Your Location
  • Turn on Find My Device

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