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HomenewsEven Hourly Workers Can Get Nj Family Leave Insurance.

Even Hourly Workers Can Get Nj Family Leave Insurance.

A lot of credit is given to the Family Leave Insurance program in New Jersey by advocates all across the country since it allows workers to take paid time off to care for a loved one or a newborn infant.

The research was carried out by The Shift Project at the Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy at Harvard University.

It was published earlier this month. However, within the limits of the state, not enough workers are aware of the benefits, and as a result, they are not taking use of them.

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According to results from a poll conducted on 1,185 low-wage hourly workers in the state of New Jersey, just about half of those employees who had encountered a Family Leave incident in the preceding year had actually utilized the program.

The low-wage population of employees was selected as the focus of the study because this group is more likely to be employed by businesses that are subject to the state’s labor regulations; however, these workers may be uninformed of the benefits that are available to them.
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“They’re kind of used to not getting benefits, and they typically don’t qualify for health insurance,” said Elaine Zundel, a researcher on the project who also serves as a lecturer in political science and economics at Rowan University. Zundel is involved in the project because she is currently employed at Rowan University.

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The New Jersey Family Leave Insurance program will pay up to 85 percent of a worker’s regular salary throughout their leave of absence.

To be eligible after the year 2022, applicants must either have worked for a minimum of 20 weeks and earned a weekly wage of at least $240 or have earned a total of $12,000 in the preceding 12 months leading up to their application.

A person who is recovering from an incidence of domestic abuse is eligible for leave, in addition to those who need to care for a newborn child or a loved one who is ill.

According to Zundl’s observations, the most significant obstacles that hourly service workers experience appear to be a lack of understanding and confusion regarding eligibility. In addition, it’s possible that workers and their families will need more than 85 percent of their wages to survive.

“Nearly half of workers who used FLI, or 51%, said that they would have taken more leave if they could have afforded it,” Zundel said. “However, they were unable to do so due to financial constraints.”

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The fear of reprisal was noted by some workers, who said that they felt pressure from their boss or coworkers, or that they returned to work earlier than intended because they worried about losing their job.

The researchers who worked on this study point out that New Jersey is ahead of the pack when it comes to providing these kinds of benefits to workers.

However, they also point out that more effort has to be done to educate people about the benefits that are available to them.


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