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Does Nicole Curtis Have a Daughter? What Cancer Does Rescue Addict Nicole’s Daughter Tessa Have?

Nicole Curtis is a writer, home improvement consultant, and television personality. Curtis has had a long and rewarding association with the HGTV network over the years, making appearances on programs including Rehab Addict, Rehab Addict: Rescue, and Rehab Addict: Detroit.

Nicole presents herself as a designer who independently learned DIY skills in her bio. Nicole is the author of the book Better Than New: Lessons I’ve Learned from Saving Old Homes, which was published on October 18, 2016. In addition to her work life, Curtis faced significant media scrutiny while battling for custody of her son.

How Many Kids Does Hgtv Star Nicole Curtis Have?

Nicole has a total of two kids. Ethan Lane, her first child, was born when she was only 20 years old. She and her ex-husband, Steve Lane, were both still enrolled in college at the time. He will turn 24 before Christmas because he was born in Michigan on December 24th, 1997.

According to all the information we could discover, Ethan has become a television star like his mother. On the Rehab Addict set, where he appeared in the fifth season, he collaborated with Nicole. Ethan and his mother frequently went to neighborhood football games when they were kids.

Does Nicole Curtis have a daughter? What Cancer Does Rescue Addict Nicole's Daughter Tessa Have?

Ethan’s father doesn’t get as much attention as his mother does. But what we do know about Steve is that he’s sort of a businessman.
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He is also sort of a businessman. Harper, Nicole Curtis’ second child, is a result of her marriage to Shane Maguire. He is an entrepreneur who prefers to work with gold. He works for a company called Gold Guys, which has operations in two states.

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California and Minnesota are those. Harper was born in May 2015, making him six years old as of this writing. Surprisingly, it would take his parents three years to settle on a custody plan for their son. The entire situation was bizarre because Harper’s parents first spent a lot of time criticizing one another on social media. After some time, Shane and Nicole were able to put their differences aside and co-parent.

Nicole Curtis’s Daughter’s Cancer

Numerous unfounded rumors tend to imply that Nicole had a daughter as her third child. She had even had a cancer diagnosis at one time in her life.

Is this a fact? Okay, no. Nicole only has two children, both of whom are males, as we’ve already hinted. So from where do these rumors come? Nicole, for one, had a close relationship with the parents of a young cancer patient. Tessa is the youngster in question.
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Tessa’s tale was featured on Curtis’ HGTV program, Rehab Addict, because of their personal friendship with the girl’s parents.

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Nicole went on to say in an interview that Tessa was one of the most compassionate persons she had ever met. She also said Tessa had an old soul, which would account for their on-screen chemistry. However, there is absolutely no connection between the two.

What Cancer Does Rescue Addict Nicole Curtis’s Daughter Tessa Have?

A few years ago, Nicole Curtis first became aware of the daughter of one of the builders on her crew. Tessa, the builder’s young daughter, was battling neuroblastoma, a stage 4 malignancy. Finally meeting Tessa, Nicole Curtis made a decision to assist in any way she could.

Does Nicole Curtis have a daughter? What Cancer Does Rescue Addict Nicole's Daughter Tessa Have?

Tessa’s family started a Facebook fundraiser page, and celebrities like Kristen Bell and Katy Perry sent positive vibes to the young fighter. Curtis also began growing Tessa’s long blonde hair for the wig. Nevertheless, Tessa passed away in June 2017. Curtis revealed her plans while continuing to grow her hair out.

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Nicole Curtis is a writer, home improvement consultant, and television personality. Curtis’ first child, Ethan Lane, was born when she was only 20 years old. Her second child, Harper Lane, is the result of her marriage to Shane Maguire. Tessa had neuroblastoma, a stage 4 malignancy, and passed away in June 2017.


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