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Desus & Mero Broken Up: Series Finale Showtime’s Spectacular!

Desus & Mero’s four-season run on Showtime was announced on Monday, and the news was devastating for the Bodega Hive. Additionally, it was confirmed by ABC that Desus Nice (a.k.a. Daniel Baker) and The Kid Mero (aka Joel Martinez) would be ending their long-running comedy duo project in its entirety.

In the future, Showtime says Desus Nice and The Kid Mero will pursue separate creative endeavors. Known for their “quick-witted cultural commentary,” they have “made a name for themselves in comedy and the late-night space.

Who First Collaborated on The Desus vs. Mero Podcast in 2013.

Desus & Mero Broken up: Series finale Showtime's Spectacular!

” It was bad news that their followers dreaded, but also expected. Rumors of a split between Desus and Mero, who first collaborated on the Desus vs. Mero podcast in 2013, started circulating in recent days. A lot of people were talking about it over the weekend after the Bodega Boys Daily Twitter account compiled a slew of recent comments from both men.

According to Rebecah Jacobs, 27, who runs the Bodega Boys Daily Instagram account, “I thought maybe a couple of hundred die-hard fans would see it and be upset… and that’s about it.” Since their names were trending on Twitter, I figured they’d have to comment on it at some point, but I figured it would be in response to my tweet and nothing too formal. When Jacobs was in college in New York City, he began listening to Desus & Mero’s Bodega Boys podcast.

They Made High-Profile Appearances.

Desus & Mero Broken up: Series finale Showtime's Spectacular!

Sneaker store coworkers put her on a podcast in 2015, Gothamist reports. “I worked at a sneaker store, and a few of my coworkers there put me [onto] several episodes,” she says. “I commuted to and from work every day for an hour, and listening to their outrageous conversations became the highlight of my day.” Aside from the podcast, the duo expanded into books (God-Level Knowledge Darts:

Life Lessons from the Bronx) and Showtime series (God-Level Knowledge Darts) (which started on Viceland). They made high-profile appearances on the Tonight Show and the Breakfast Club’s DJ Envy, slamming Taylor Swift and feuding with her. It only increased the intensity of their fan base. As Jacobs put it, “I think most of us feel like we grew with them and really value that.

Jesus Announced This Summer that He Would Be Guest-Hosting Jimmy Kimmel.

To paraphrase a fan, “Their brand has always been so raw and uncensored that makes fans feel like we’re chopping it up with friends in real life.” To get hired for their podcast/social show’s media, she started a Twitter fan account in 2017. She found she enjoyed interacting with other fans. “Zerocool” produces pop culture and entertainment trading cards; she is the company’s copywriter currently.

As soon as Jesus announced this summer that he would be guest-hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live! solo, Jacobs realized that something was amiss with Desus & Mero. The fact that they’ve been working more and more independently in recent months “made me think something might be up,” she explained. During their appearance at the MLB All-Star Game, I noticed that they arrived separately and shot a large amount of content on their own, so I figured there was some tension.

What Is the status of the podcast?

Desus & Mero Broken up: Series finale Showtime's Spectacular!

For their Showtime series, they’d just wrapped up a fourth season that featured interviews with a wide range of notable figures, including former President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden as well as MLB players Derek Jeter and Missy Elliott and actor Denzel Washington.

Her fan page is generally free of rumors and slander, but “Every post I made was met with comments inquiring as to the status of the podcast. The fans who follow me on Twitter/Reddit deserved to see what Desus and Mero had to say when I saw their public comments essentially confirming it was over.”

The Show Announced Their Split on Monday.

As soon as she heard the news from Showtime, she was stunned “On their podcast a few years ago, they joked about Selena being killed by a former fan and compared me to Yolanda Saldivar. One of the first things that came to mind was that old joke “According to what Jacobs had to say, It’s clear they weren’t going to make any announcements before my tweet went viral so I felt responsible for all the publicity and for some people being unemployed, even though I had nothing to do with the show’s or podcast’s actual dissolution.

It’s now up to fans to speculate as to why the band broke up in the first place. “I can only assume that their friendship going sour made it hard to fake on screen or on the podcast,” says Jacobs, who has met both men several times over the years and believes they had a genuine connection. After the show announced their split on Monday, Desus reached out to her just a few hours later.

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Desus & Mero Broken up: Series finale Showtime's Spectacular!

After the abrupt end of the podcast and show, “Desus messaged me apologizing,” she said. she added: “I think most of the fans are more upset about a real-life friendship being ruined than a podcast or a show ending.” he told her. For the time being, Jacobs intends to keep the Twitter account active and use it to promote its own projects.

“The best legacy you can leave is to make a lot of people feel good,” she said of Desus and Mero. “Their breakup is all the more heartbreaking because laughter is becoming increasingly rare these days. For the past decade, they’ve been brightening people’s days. We’re all rooting for Desus and Mero, regardless of how they decide to separate or go their separate ways.”


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