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Dance Moms Season 9: is Dance Moms Season 9 Coming Out?

On July 13, 2011, Lifetime launched the reality television program Dance Moms. The program, which was created by Collins Avenue Productions, follows the careers of young dancers and performers under the direction of Abby Lee Miller as well as the interactions between Miller, the performers, and their usually quarreling mothers.

The Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) facilities, which are situated in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) and later in Los Angeles, California, are where the majority of the show is shot. The ALDC Junior Elite Competition Team ladies are followed as they practice their routines and compete in dance competitions across the country in this television series.

Many reality TV programs are broadcast globally and have a sizable following. One of the main reasons reality programs are successful is that they give their viewers a pleasing dose of drama, whether they are watching singing reality shows, dance reality shows, or shows that just feature a bunch of people trapped under one roof. The focus of the television program Dancing Moms is Abby Lee Miller’s dance studio, which trains a group of dancers to be the best and gives them the tools they need to triumph in competitions.

Additionally, the new team lacks the chemistry the prior females had developed through years of dancing together. Longtime supporters have more than just the season 8 cast on their minds. Numerous viewers expressed disappointment with this season’s episodes after the show’s June launch, saying they lacked the same magic as the first-season episodes.

Season 9 Premiere Date for Dance Moms

The eighth season of Dance Moms ended last year, and fans are wondering if Abby Lee Miller and her fantastic ALDC dancers will return for a ninth season. The previous year, Abby made a dramatic comeback with a completely new troupe of performers and, some may argue, a new philosophy.

Followers, on the other hand, were speculating from the beginning. They were apprehensive about how the new squad, made up of dancers chosen from studios across the country to compete in the ALDC, would compare to the old one.

Dance Moms Season 1 Release Date 13 July 2011
Dance Moms Season 2 Release Date January 10, 2012
Dance Moms Season 3 Release Date January 1, 2013
Dance Moms Season 4 Release Date January 1, 2014
Dance Moms Season 5 Release Date January 6, 2015
Dance Moms Season 6 Release Date January 5, 2016
Dance Moms Season 7 Release Date November 29, 2016
Dance Moms Season 8 Release Date June 4, 2019
Dance Moms Season 9 Release Date Not announced officially

A Lifetime representative told Woman’s Day in August that the network had yet to decide whether Dance Moms: Resurrection will return for another season. The show’s popularity has been significantly lower than in previous seasons, which was to be expected given the disappearance of the previous cast’s key draws.

Even though one of the children’s mothers filed a criminal complaint against Abby Lee Miller, Lifetime ordered a spinoff show called Dance Moms: Abby’s Virtual Dance Off.

Dance Mom’s seasons are notoriously long, with only a few episodes coming in around 30 to 40 spaced across two seasons. Except for season 7, the first half of each season aired in January, with the second half airing the following season or fall.

Season 8 will, on the other hand, debut in June with only 18 episodes and two reunion features. With no indication of a new season, it’s safe to assume that season 9 will not debut until June as well.

Season 9 Premiere Date for Dance Moms

The season was intended to premiere in a matter of weeks, around mid-2020. The network, however, quickly canceled the spinoff before it could air. The show was canceled due to the aforementioned offensive statements made by the mother of one of Miller’s former students.

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UPDATED: As of 2022, there is still no confirmation of the season 9 premiere date. The audience will still have to wait till the creators make any announcements regarding a new installment.

Where Can I Watch Dance Mom Season 9?

Everyone, according to Abby, is disposable. Savannah Kristich and her mother Erin have already left the show, as has Brady Farrar, who was sent back for being too good. Lifetime will air all-new episodes of Dance Moms season 8 on Tuesday nights, while Hulu will air all previous seasons.

Will Abby Appear Again in Season 9 of Dance Moms?

Abby has stated that she will not return to Dance Moms, even if the network renews the show for a ninth season. Dance Moms: Abby’s Virtual Dance-cancellation Off’s may mark the end of Abby’s Lifetime journey.

Before the cancellation, Abby posted a video advertising the show and asking for submissions. Given the show’s reliance on Abby, the network’s decision to cancel the program following racist allegations made against her is not unexpected.

Will Abby Appear Again in Season 9 of Dance Moms?

Season 8 Cast Members of Dance Moms

Brady Farrar (mother Tricia Farrar), Hannah Colin (mother Ann Colin), GiaNina Paolantonio (mother Joanne Paolantonio), and Sarah Georgiana’s mother were among the cast members (Michelle Georgiana). Savannah Kristich (mother of Erin Kristich) and Pressley Hosbach’s (mother Ashley Hosbach) (mother Lakisha Samuels).

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Season 9 Trailer for Dance Moms

There is no trailer for Season 9 of the show yet. This is most likely because the show has not been renewed for a new episode. If the show is renewed by the end of 2022, it will be released by the end of 2023. The teaser might be released three to four months before the show premieres.


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