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HomenewsCurrently pending legislation in the Washington State Legislature would require a permit...

Currently pending legislation in the Washington State Legislature would require a permit for the purchase of firearms within the state.

Under a House bill, Washingtonians may need a license to buy firearms.

The House Appropriations Committee heard the bill on Wednesday. Washingtonians would need safety training to buy a gun under the law. Dealers cannot sell to state residents without a permit.

The bill would also require dealers to wait 10 days after requesting a background check and receiving notification that a buyer is eligible to acquire a handgun from the Washington State Patrol Firearms Background Check Program before selling firearms to an individual.

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However, committee staff stated during a public meeting that residents might inherit firearms without a permit.

“Handling, storing, and using firearms responsibly is vital to people all over the political spectrum,” said King County Public Health’s violence and injury prevention team director of training Karyn Brownson.

Unintentional gunshots cause 42% of King County’s non-fatal weapons injuries.

Brownson said this raises worries about whether weapons owners are getting the safety information they need. “Many weapons owners access safety instruction freely, but those who don’t still require safety information.”

She stated safety training “potentially protects all weapons owners from damage.” She said that the waiting period will reduce firearm suicides.

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The House Civil Rights and Judiciary Committee approved the bill in an executive session on Jan. 27. All committee Republicans voted nay. Before the debate, it must pass the House Appropriations Committee.

The governor’s office asked Rep. Liz Berry, D-Seattle, to lead SHB 1143. Sen. Marko Liias, D-Mukilteo, sponsors a Washington Senate companion measure.

“We demand training and a license to drive a car or go fishing, it’s just basic sense to require a license for purchasing a firearm,” Berry told the House Civil Rights and Judiciary Committee on Jan. 17.

“Permit to purchase ensures responsible gun buyers by requiring identification verification, background checks, and safety training.”

Berry supported and enacted a 2022 Washington state “ghost gun” prohibition.

At the Feb. 8 House Appropriations public hearing, some opposed the plan.

The NRA’s Northwest regional director, Aoibheann Cline, told the committee that the proposal is an “unfunded compulsion” that would cost the state and residents “exuberant amounts.”

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Cline compared the bill to Oregon ballot measure 114, which is in court after voters passed it in November. Safety training and a gun license were also required.

Washington State Patrol would set costs for five-year permits. The measure would take effect on January 1, 2025, if passed.

Connecticut, DC, and Hawaii are among 16 states with gun licensing statutes.

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