Thursday, May 30, 2024
HomenewsCar Max Reaches Agreement on Recall with 35 States!

Car Max Reaches Agreement on Recall with 35 States!

This settlement involves 35 states, including commonwealths like Pennsylvania, new jersey, and Delaware.
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Investigators found that the dealership group failed to inform customers about the recall status of vehicles that could have been “ticking time bombs,” and as a result, they will have to pay a total of million in fines.
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CarMax makes

Prior to presenting the final sale documents, the salesperson must have the customer sign a separate document acknowledging any unrepaired recalls. For the time being, CarMax will keep using the VIN lookup service provided by the NHTSA to notify customers of the safety of their purchases.

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The attorney general of New Jersey, Matthew Platkin, has said that consumers are given a false sense of security by businesses that boast about the thoroughness of their inspections of used cars but fail to clearly disclose the existence of unrepaired safety recalls.


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