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New Jersey Serial Killer Has Agreed to Plead Guilty in The Killings of Five Women Who Lived on Long Island!

Inmate Richard Cottingham, a New Jersey serial killer, has apparently admitted to five more murders, all of the women on Long Island, and is set to enter a plea of guilty.

Cottingham, who is now 76 years old, is serving several life terms in South Woods State Prison in Bridgeton, NJ for the murders of six women in the Garden State between 1967 and 1980.

These days, he seems to spend a lot of that time bragging about all the murders he’s done. Cottingham said this to Rolling Stone earlier this year: “For a long time now I have been attempting to grasp the darkness that wrapped my spirit during my youth.” “When the sun set and the moon rose, the animal form that is in all of us emerged and governed my activities.”

DNA testing allowed authorities on Long Island to charge Cottingham with the rape and murder of New Hyde Park dance teacher Diane Cusick, 23, in the summer of 2018.

Cottingham first denied being the one who killed Cusick in the Valley Stream parking lot of the Green Acres Mall. On Sunday, December 4th, Newsday reported that he had reconsidered his position and was pleading guilty to four further killings on Long Island.

On Monday, there will be a teleconference plea hearing in Mineola. The murders of two women whose mangled remains were discovered in a motel near Times Square in December 1979 were long since confessed to by Cottingham, a resident of Lodi who worked as a computer tech for Blue Cross Blue Shield in Manhattan. It resulted in the married father of three receiving a nasty nickname and became the focus of a Netflix series that premiered almost a year ago.

In the spring of 1980, Cottingham was apprehended when a hotel maid in Hasbrouck Heights overheard a woman screaming and phoned the police. The 18-year-old victim of Cottingham was discovered alive but injured with knife wounds and bite marks.

Cottingham was found guilty of five separate murders in New Jersey by separate juries. Cottingham pled guilty to murder in multiple additional New Jersey cities thanks to the efforts of retired Bergen County (NJ) Chief of Detectives Robert Anzilotti.

The first case occurred in July 1968, when 13-year-old Jackie Harp of Midland Park, New Jersey was kidnapped and later found killed on her way home from band practice. Cottingham also confessed to the April 7, 1969 murder of Irene Blase, 18, a Bogota native who disappeared from Hackensack and was later found strangled in Saddle River.

Furthermore, he admitted to killing Closter, New Jersey, resident Denise Falasca, 15, who vanished from Westwood on July 14, 1969. The next morning, her body was discovered on the side of a road in Saddle Brook, New Jersey, not far from a cemetery.
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Even she had fallen victim to the strangulation.

Anzilotti finally succeeded in getting a confession out of Cottingham, who confessed last year to killing Mary Ann Pryor and Lorraine Kelly, two North Bergen adolescents, in 1974. The hulking murderer said that he picked up the girls from the Garden State Plaza in Paramus, took them to a nearby hotel, then raped, tortured, and drowned them over the course of three days.

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American serial killer expert Peter Vronsky, author of “American Serial Killers: The Epidemic Years 1950 to 2000,” claims that Cottingham admitted to him that he had murdered between 85 and 100 women.

There are at least two cases in Rockland County: that of 26-year-old mother Lorraine McGraw, whose beaten body was found discarded in South Nyack in 1970, and that of 17-year-old Lisa Thomas, whose father discovered her dead near the Nanuet Mall.

In spite of this, both allegations have been questioned by Rockland County officials.

Cottingham pleaded not guilty to murder in the June court proceeding about the death of Cusick, a divorced single mother, and dance instructor.

In presenting the indictment, Nassau County District Attorney Anne Donnelly noted that Cusick’s family members had told her that she had gone shopping for dance shoes on the evening of February 15, 1968.

Her parents drove to the shopping center when she failed to come home, where they discovered her Plymouth Valiant parked there with her body inside, as Donnelly put it. The prosecutor stated that adhesives were used to cover Cusick’s lips and that her hands were restrained before she was strangled.

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As Donnelly explained, the case can finally be closed thanks to a positive DNA match found by the Nassau County medical examiner’s reexamination.

“The NCDA and our colleagues at the Nassau County Police Department were able to solve this 54-year-old cold case and identify a suspect in Ms. Cusick’s terrible murder thanks to breakthroughs in DNA testing, the DA stated in June. Today, we pledge to her surviving daughter that we will do all in our power to bring her mother’s killer to justice.
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