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Describe the Blink Home Monitoring App and Explain how It Works in Terms of Safety!

When it comes to portable, high-definition security cameras, Blink has you covered. The cameras are well-reviewed, but they form only one part of an integrated home security system. Keep on reading if you’re interested in finding out more.

It’s not surprising that Amazon would branch out into home security, given the success of its smart home products like Alexa and Echo. Amazon’s line of security cameras, called Blink, can be viewed remotely via a mobile app. Blink’s main selling points are its inexpensive cameras and its lack of subscription or data fees.

In this Blink Home Security review, we’ll discuss the system’s various home security cameras and analyze its benefits and drawbacks in relation to competing home security systems sold by Amazon. Check out the rest of this article to see if Blink is the right home security system for you.

The View from Here on Blink Home Security.

Describe the Blink Home Monitoring App and Explain how It Works in Terms of Safety!

Blink Home Security Offers Self-Monitoring at A Low Cost and Has an Easy Diy Installation Process. However, It Doesn’t Include Alarms or Sensors, Doesn’t Offer Professional Monitoring, and Holds an F Rating with The Better Business Bureau (BBB) for Failing to Respond to Customer Complaints.

One of The Best Home Security Systems Is Simple Safe, According to This Old House. After Researching and Evaluating More than 30 Home Security Providers, We Determined that Simple Safe Is the Top Do-It-Yourself Option.

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Blink Home Security Packages and Equipment.

The Blink Xt Home Security Camera System Consists of An Indoor Camera, a Weather-Resistant Outdoor Camera, and A Mini Indoor/Outdoor Camera. Live Streaming and Recording Are Available in Hd Quality. Below Is a Table that Summarises the Key Differences Between the Various Blink Cameras.

Blink Package Comparison

Provider Blink Blink XT2 Blink Mini
Indoor/Outdoor use Indoor Indoor/outdoor Indoor
Power source 2-year battery life 2-year battery life Outlet
Resolution 720p HD 1080p HD 1080p
Field of view 110 degrees 110 degrees 110 degrees
Night vision No Yes Yes
Motion detection Motion-activated Customizable Motion-activated
Audio capabilities Microphone only 2-way audio 2-way audio
Water-proof features None IP-65 rated weather resistance None
Temperature monitor Yes Yes No
Free cloud storage 2 hours 2 hours None

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Blink Home Security Pricing.

Describe the Blink Home Monitoring App and Explain how It Works in Terms of Safety!

Blink Is Very Upfront About Its Pricing—you Can Buy Any of The Cameras on An a La Carte Basis, but You’ll Save Some Money if You Buy Multiples of The Same Camera.

Package Pricing Comparison

Plans 1 Camera 2 Cameras 3 Cameras 5 Cameras Additional Cameras
Blink Indoor $79.99 $139.99 $189.99 $279.99 $69.99
Blink XT2 $99.99 $179.99 $249.99 $379.99 $89.99
Blink Mini $34.99 $64.99 $34.99

The Blink Mini Is the Only Camera that Requires a Subscription to Amazon’s Cloud Storage Service if You Want to Record Motion-Activated Clips. Subscriptions Are Free Through December 31, 2020, and Then Cost $3.00 per Camera per Month or $10.00 per Month for Unlimited Cameras on Amazon. Amazon Is Working on A Local Storage Device Called Blink Sync Module 2, Which Will Be Released Soon but Will Be Sold Separately.

Critiques of The Blink Home Security System.

Describe the Blink Home Monitoring App and Explain how It Works in Terms of Safety!

Reviews Can Be a Bit of A Mess to Sort Through Because Blink Is Sold on Amazon. for Failing to Address Customer Concerns, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Gave Blink an F, While Amazon Received an A. Thousands of Satisfied Customers Have Left Glowing Reviews of The Cameras Themselves.

Here Are Some Comments from Satisfied Clients:

There Are Problems With Their Module that I’m Attempting to Fix Right Now. After Using It for More than Two Years, It Will Need to Be Replaced. Nothing I Say Seems to Register with Them. from Joyce A. on August 5, 2019

“I Am Very Pleased With The Performance of This Surveillance Camera. You Can Adjust the Motion Detection Sensitivity and Many Other Settings to Your Liking. — Joe on 5/9/20.

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Comparison of Other Home Security Systems to Blink

Examining Blink’s Competitors, Such as Vivint and Frontpoint, Can Help You Decide if This Home Security Provider Is the Best Option for You.

Top-Rated Alternatives to Blink

Provider Blink Home Security Vivint Home Security Frontpoint Home Security
Pricing Not available through This Old House View Plans View Plans
24/7 monitoring No Yes Yes
Contract required No No No
Professional installation No Yes No
DIY installation Yes No Yes
Mobile app access Yes Yes Yes
Door and window sensors No Yes Yes
Smart home compatibility Yes Yes Yes
Video surveillance Yes With camera purchase With camera purchase
Video streaming capability Yes With camera purchase With camera purchase
Money-back guarantee 1-year limited warranty Warranty on equipment 3-year limited warranty

Compare Frontpoint to Vivint Compare Frontpoint to SimpliSafe.

Vivint vs. Simplisafe

As a result, we conclude

The fact that Blink home security is a self-monitored camera system is clearly its biggest drawback. To that end, this is a viable choice, even for those on a tighter financial budget. You’ll have to look elsewhere for things like professional monitoring (a dispatcher who can send help if you need it) or door/window motion/entry sensors.

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Winner of This Old House’s Most Popular Award: Simple Safe.

After researching and evaluating more than 30 home security providers, we determined that SimpliSafe is the top do-it-yourself option.
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