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Black Lagoon Season 4 Release Date: Where to Watch Black Lagoon Season 4 Online?

The audience has been looking forward to Black Lagoon Season 4 with great anticipation for the past seven years. They are experiencing a great deal of dissatisfaction due to the fact that they will not be receiving the subsequent episodes of the amazing series. One of those television shows whose English translation became more well-known than the original Japanese audio.

The lack of traditional Shonen action sequences contributed to the show’s invigorating quality. As a consequence, are you going to produce a fourth episode of the anime? This is the most up-to-date information we have. The title of this Japanese animated series is Black Lagoon.

black lagoon season 4 release date

This is a retelling of the same-named action manga series written and drawn by Rei Hiroe. The narrative of this manga was adapted into an anime by Madhouse Studio, and the first episode of that anime aired on April 9, 2006.

The animation studio has thus far distributed the show in a total of three seasons, in addition to a number of OVA episodes. The third season of this show consists of only five episodes in total. Because of this, fans are getting increasingly impatient to see more of it.

Black Lagoon Season 4: Expected Release Date & Time

In 2006, with the premiere of its first season, which was already a huge hit by the time it aired for the first time, Black Lagoon began its journey. Over the course of its production, the Studio consistently delivered new seasons of the anime, living up to the high standards set by its fans.

The seventeenth of July, 2010, was the date that saw the release of the show’s most recent known season. After that date, the Studio stopped updating the fans on the renewal of the series for a new season after the show’s premiere.

Even now, after 12 years, there has been no announcement regarding the continuation of the anime into a new season. As a result, the release date and time for the anime have not been disclosed as of yet.

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Black Lagoon Season 4 Voice Cast?

In any show or anime, the cast is one of the most important factors in determining how successful the show or anime will be. Because of this, the Studio needs to exercise caution when selecting the appropriate individuals to fill the various roles.

black lagoon season 4 release date

Fortunately, the cast of this anime has done an outstanding job, particularly Megumi Toyoguchi in the role of Revy, Daisuke Namikawa in the role of Okajima Rokurou, Tsutomu Isobe in the role of Dutch, and many others.

What Will Happen Next in Black Lagoon Season 4?

The story focuses primarily on a Japanese businessman by the name of Rokuro Okajima, who is also referred to by his nickname, Rock. After witnessing an incident in which his employer was involved with the Black Lagoon pirate mercenary group, he made the decision to leave behind his life as a salaryman and join the group instead. The majority of the action takes place in the made-up city of Roanapur, which is located in Thailand and acts as the operational hub for the mercenary group.

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In addition to him, there are two more people who belong to this group. Dutch, a former member of the United States Navy who serves as the ship’s captain, Revy, a renowned gunslinger and “Two-Hands,” and Benny, an electronics expert, and navigator, round out the crew. When Rock was forced to adjust to his new life in a city full of mercenaries and mafias, he was working alongside the other members of The Lagoon Company.

Black Lagoon Season 4 Trailer

owing to the fact that there are currently no official announcements or sources pertaining to the release date. This section will be updated as soon as any new information is obtained, and a formal announcement will be made at the same time. Watch the trailer for season 3 here.

Where to Watch Black Lagoon Season 4 Online?

If you haven’t watched the third season of Black Lagoon yet, you can catch it on Hulu or Funimation. Because Season 4 has not yet been officially announced, it is not currently available anywhere.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Was Black Lagoon Cancelled?

The manga series was canceled so that Kayaharuka could receive treatment for pancreatic cancer before the artist passed away. The Death Note and One-Punch Man studio Madhouse turned Black Lagoon into a two-season anime series in 2006.

Who Did Roberta Meet at the End of Black Lagoon?

With the exception of Caxton, who is believed to have been slain by Garcia, Roberta eventually catches up to Gray Fox and kills the troops from the three groups that were sent out.

Where is Dutch From Black Lagoon?

He was claimed to have served in the Vietnam War as the former United States Marine Riverine Boat Crewman. Dutch went AWOL just before the conflict ended, fled to Thailand, and began operating as a mercenary (likely around 1973).


The fact that Black Lagoon is a beautiful action anime created for fans of gruesome hardcore anime is pretty evident once the entire series has been watched. This anime ran for a total of three seasons between the years 2006 and 2010, marking the conclusion of the series in an unofficial capacity.

If the creators of the anime decided to return for one more season, which is highly unlikely, then we might get another season of the anime. You will be kept in the loop regarding any further developments concerning the anime as soon as they are made public. Therefore, ensure that you regularly check back on our website for updates.


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