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Basking Ridge Will Soon Welcome a $45 Million Assisted Care Complex

The Residence at Basking Ridge, a $45 million development for senior living on Mount Airy Road, is expected to open in the spring, maybe as early as April, according to LCB Senior Living.

The 95,000-square-foot assisted living and memory care complex will have 94 studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments.

The Residence at Basking Ridge’s sales and marketing director, Ally Stewart, stated that the apartments “tend to start at around 300 square feet and they go up to about 1,200 square feet, approximately.”

The independent and assisted living apartments come with the necessary living space as well as a kitchenette (not a full kitchen, but one with a burner). The complex will also offer a communal dining room for tenants who choose not to cook.

“A bistro exists here.” It’s an alternative to dining in the dining room, which will also include a pizza oven, so people can eat in the bistro if they’re interested in perhaps a little bit of lighter fare and don’t want to walk all the way down to the restaurant.

In addition to the pizza oven, something like a panini sandwich would be appropriate, Stewart said. The bistro’s operating hours are 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Stewart stated the center includes resources for those in need of memory care, “a therapy method that makes use of expressive art techniques to help dementia sufferers lead healthy lives.”

Basking Ridge Will Soon Welcome a $45 Million Assisted Care Complex

Keeping our seniors involved in activities and programs is, in our opinion, the key to a successful dementia care program. So, our memory care program will have eight planned activities per day to encourage healthy living.

These activities will make use of expressive art, movement techniques, music, painting, storytelling, mindfulness, and sensory stimulation. According to Stewart, this is Central Jersey’s first brand-new building.

Three additional properties were purchased by LCB Senior Living in the South Jersey municipalities of Voorhees, Cherry Hill, and Manahawkin. LCB Senior Living is a New England-based corporation that has recently expanded into New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

For LCB, Bernards represents a promising market. Stewart declared, “I believe the market is expanding.” According to the research, I believe they conducted throughout the development period, they discovered that it was required.

Even though we do have some rivals, we are quite distinctive in the area. “The only senior living facility in our area that allows you to transition into independent living before adding care when you need it is us.”

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Stewart, this senior community is unlike any other in the area. When a senior living community in our area offers independent, assisted, and memory care, Stewart explained that if you move into independent, it is typically segmented away from assisted living.

As a result, independent living typically has its dining and activities, which are distinct from assisted living. Therefore, when you require extra care, you must either pay for private duty care from an outside agency or pack up and move to the assisted living area.

With our community, you become autonomous, and when you require care, we simply bring it in. No relocation is necessary. “And that’s unusual.” A dining area, salon, fitness facility, and movie theatre are some of the additional building features.

Basking Ridge Will Soon Welcome a $45 Million Assisted Care Complex

“Our open dining policy, which is extremely uncommon in senior living in our area, is one of our dining room’s wonderful qualities.” You typically have planned times in senior living, such as 7 to 9 for breakfast, 11 to 1 for lunch, and 4 to 6 for dinner.

“Since it is open, people are welcome to come at any time between 7:00 and 7:00 and place an order from the menu,” replied Stewart.

Stewart says that another very special thing about our dining program is that we will only hire cooks from high-end restaurants and country clubs.

“We want a little bit more than simply senior living experience from those who are coming from within the business.” “Every day, we want the dining alternatives for our seniors to impress them.” Only on a rental basis are the homes available.

Stewart said that his company’s costs range from $5,248 to $11,000 per month, depending on size, location, proximity to facilities, and other things.

There is no buying because it is a month-to-month rental, Stewart explained. “Right now, I’m having family meetings.” The leasing gallery is where we can meet if they come in. All the floor plans, graphics, and data they require are here with me.

They have sufficient knowledge to make a choice. “We, therefore, accept completely refundable deposits, and by depositing with us now, individuals may lock in the pre-construction rate and also choose an apartment.”

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