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Authorities in New York City Are Pressing Charges Against a School Dean Who is Accused of Murder and Leading a Violent Street Gang

BRAND NEW YORK – The Department of Justice announced an indictment against a former school dean in New York City.

The federal government has made the strange claim that a school dean was the head of a street gang responsible for shootings in the city.

According to the dean, the federal government is targeting him because of his rap music taste and the fact that he maintains friendships with people from his old neighborhood.

He insists he is blameless.

The federal government and the Department of Justice didn’t buy his tale, so they indicted him last week.

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Federal officials have filed murder charges against a former New York City high school dean, accusing him of being the ringleader of a deadly drug-peddling group based in the Bronx.

According to US Attorney for the Southern District of New York Damian Williams, Israel Garcia, aka “Shorty Rock,” used to work as a dean of students at a high school in New York City. Moreover, he was formerly the leader of the Young Gunnaz’s Get Money Gunnaz faction in the city.

Among the crimes leveled against him was murder in aid of racketeering, for which Garcia was arrested.

The federal government claims Garcia was involved in the October 11, 2010 murder of Alfonso “Joey” McClinton. He was already wanted for his gang’s involvement with drugs on multiple prior convictions.

“As a former high school dean, Israel Garcia was trusted with guiding youngsters towards a bright future, yet we allege that Garcia himself was engaged in the drug trafficking activities that a high school dean should be safeguarding his pupils from,” U.S. Attorney Damian Williams stated.

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It is also claimed that the defendant was involved in the shooting death of Alfonso McClinton because of his gang involvement and drug selling. Along with law enforcement, we will continue to root out violent gang activities from all parts of our community.

The NYPD and our law enforcement allies relentlessly pursue all violent offenders who terrorize our neighborhoods,” stated NYPD Commissioner Keechant L. Sewell.

Even though this murder took place over a decade ago, our officers were true to form and pursued the case diligently to ensure that all of those suspected of involvement were brought to justice.

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For the past ten years, Garcia has headed the GMG YGz organization, which has dominated the drug trade in the Bronx around East 184th Street and Morris Avenue. Members of other gangs in the area frequently exchanged gunfire with GMG YGz members, who were known to carry firearms themselves.

The murder of Alfonso “Joey” McClinton (“McClinton”) in 2010 is one example of the bloodshed that ensued as a direct result of these gang wars. Joseph (“Juice”) Johnson, a member of the GMG YGz, was apprehended and charged with murder by New York State authorities.

Yet, ballistics, video, and witness testimony all point to the presence of a second shooter. According to the indictment, Garcia is the alleged secondary shooter.

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Garcia claims he is innocent, and that he was framed by the FBI because he had ties to gangs as a child and remained associated with others who had been involved in similar groups.

Garcia claims that he is being falsely accused by the government because of his appreciation for rap.

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