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Asian American Residents and Business Owners in NJ Need to Hear from The Cops Right Away.

Stafford police said there have been more home break-ins that target Asian business owners. One of these happened in Berkeley Township.

The warning comes after the FBI warned that agents from the People’s Republic of China were harassing, following, threatening, and taking money from people in New Jersey.

Two men were arrested Monday on charges that they helped the Chinese government set up a secret police station in New York City. About 30 officers with China’s national police force were also arrested Monday on charges that they used social media to harass dissidents in the United States.

Officials from the Justice Department said that these charges were the first of their kind anywhere in the world. It is thought that China has secret police stations in many countries around the world.

Jim Dennehy, who is in charge of the FBI in New Jersey, said that the Chinese government often goes after political and human rights activists, dissidents, journalists, political opponents, and different religious groups, either by sending their own agents to the U.S. under false pretenses or by trying to hire people who already live here to do their dirty work.

He also said that sometimes they go to people’s homes “with guns to scare and bother them, and these victims hide in their own homes, under couches, because they don’t want to be seen or taken away.”

Welcome to Stafford Townhip sign

A Warning in Stafford

On Monday, Stafford police warned that there have been more break-ins at the homes of Asian business owners, including one in Berkeley.

The department told everyone to pay attention to their surroundings and make sure their protection systems are working. The department also said that cash and jewels should be moved to a safer place.

Supervisory Special Agent Mike Ratta of the FBI’s Newark field office said that some people think Asians keep cash at home and don’t use regular banks.

In December, the FBI sent a similar warning to business owners about thieves who might be watching businesses to find out when they open and when they close.

“They might look through their cars to find out where they might live, and then they would keep an eye on their homes as well,” said Supervisory Special Agent Mike Ratta of the FBI’s Newark field office. They would follow them to work and other places and back.

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