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HomenewsAsian American Communities Are Worried After the Deadly Incident in California.

Asian American Communities Are Worried After the Deadly Incident in California.

The New Jersey town of RIDGEFIELD. There is widespread fear among Asian Americans following the mass shooting in Monterey Park, California, and this includes the New Jersey area.

Despite the joy of the Lunar New Year, many residents in Bergen County have reported feeling unsafe.
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People were finishing up their grocery shopping at the H Mart in Ridgefield before they heard the news of the shooting on Saturday.

Kevin Tang remarked, “The reality that it may happen anytime and to anyone is something that really concerns me.”

According to Tang, whose mother is a first-generation Chinese immigrant, the worries of the Asian American community have been heightened by the tragedy, regardless of the motivation.

Tang, now 23, said, “When my mom was in her 30s, she worked in Brooklyn, but now she’s terrified to even go to Manhattan.”

“We can’t ignore the issue of anti-Asian prejudice alone. It’s just plain old hatred, “Councilman Paul Yoon of Fort Lee said this.

Yoon said the violence is a sobering reminder that Asian Americans, even as they celebrate the Lunar New Year with their family, must remain alert.

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“Feels extremely celebratory. It’s a festival celebrating many various cultures and peoples, and no one could have predicted a tragedy like this “as Yoon put it.
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California state assemblywoman Ellen Park’s family lives in a neighbourhood devastated by the recent mass shooting. She is devastated and outraged that the suspect got access to a weapon described as an assault rifle with a magazine.

‘I truly hope that we wake up as a society, and that we actually fight together to outlaw assault rifles, assault firearms, any sort of gun that can send out 10, 20, or more bullets at a time,’ Park said.

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Political figures from all throughout California have spoken out against the recent tragedy and promised to do what they can to reduce gun violence and hate crimes against Asian Americans.

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