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Apple Replay: How to Replay Music on An iPhone and An iOS Device!

After Spotify released Wrapped 2021, Apple Music subscribers may have felt left out. Fortunately, Apple Music customers can use Apple’s own version of Spotify’s Wrapped feature, Apple Music Replay, to review a recap of their most played tracks, albums, and artists. Below you’ll discover all the information you need to locate your Apple Music 2021 year-in-review as we near the end of the year.
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Apple Music Replay, in contrast to Spotify Wrapped, is constantly updated and accessible. It’s now possible to keep tabs on how much of a year you spent listening to Apple Music. Of course, the end of the year is when the vast majority of Apple Music Replay users log in.

 What Is This Thing Called Apple Music Replay?

Apple Replay

Your Apple Music activity is analyzed annually to determine the top albums, artists, and tracks that you listen to. Your Apple Music data is aggregated into a single playlist called a Replay once a year. Songs you’ve listened to on any of your signed-in Apple devices are included in your replay history. Exceptions include gadgets where you’ve disabled listening history and any music that isn’t part of Apple Music’s library.

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Replay Music from Apple Music on Your iOs Device

Apple Replay

The Music app for the iPhone and iPad lets you listen to your favorite music and see the artists behind your favorite songs from any year.

  • Fire up the tunes on your mobile device.
  • To begin listening right away, select the Listen Now option in the menu. This is the section that appears at the bottom of your iPhone screen and on the side of your iPad.
  • You may find Replay: Your Top Songs by Year at the very bottom of the Listen Now section. Pick an annual Replay to hear and see your most-played songs from that year.
  • You may find the Featured Artists for each song in a Replay by scrolling to the very bottom of the Replay. To display more, select Show All.

Replay Music from Apple Music on Apple Music Online

Apple Replay

The Apple Music website allows you to access your music library and playlists online. To listen from any computer, all you need is a web browser and an embedded player. A similar feature to the mobile app is available in Replays: the ability to listen to your most played songs arranged by year.

  • To sign in to your Apple Music account, go to apple.com/music and click the Sign In button.
  • Choose to Proceed with Password, then sign in using your Apple ID and Apple Music password.
  • Choose to Listen Now on the left, and Replay: Your Top Songs of the Year on the right.
  • Click on any year’s Replay to see what music was popular that year, then press the Play button to hear those songs again.
  • You can view the Featured Artists for the currently playing Replay at the bottom of the screen.

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An Online Version of Apple Music’s Replay

Apple Replay

Just Go on Over to Apple Music’s Online Replay Feature to Check out A Year-To-Date Playlist of Your Most-Played Songs. Gather Your Music or Start Listening to Build a Playlist.

  • You Can Sign in To Apple Music Replay by Going to The Site and Clicking the Sign in Button.
  • If You Have a Paid Apple Music Membership, You’ll Be Prompted to Sign in With Your Apple Id and Password.
  • Click on Get Your Replay Mix to Begin Playing.
  • If You Haven’t Heard Enough Music so Far This Year, Please Read the Following Message.
  • After there, simply select Listen Now to begin using Apple Music.


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