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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
HomenewsAnother Santa Monica Mountains Mountain Lion is Believed to Have Been Killed...

Another Santa Monica Mountains Mountain Lion is Believed to Have Been Killed by a Vehicle

A second mountain lion that was spotted in California’s Santa Monica Mountains looks to have been killed by a car, according to National Park Service personnel.

P-81 was probably killed by a vehicle strike on January 22, according to a press statement from the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.

On the Pacific Coast Highway close to Las Posas Road in the western Santa Monica Mountains, representatives of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife recovered P-81’s body. To determine the exact cause of death, a necropsy will be done.

At the time of his passing, P-81 was about four years old. Biologists from the National Park Service first discovered him in the western Santa Monica Mountains in March 2020.

His physical anomalies, including a kinked tail with an “L”-shaped end and just one descending testicle, made him important in the park’s mountain lion study.

Since the Park Service began studying mountain lions in the park in 2002, these abnormalities represented the first physical evidence of possible inbreeding depression brought on by a lack of genetic diversity, heightening the urgency of comprehending, maintaining, and ideally enhancing connectivity for wildlife in the area.

Currently being built in Agoura Hills, the Wallis Annenberg Wildlife Crossing over the 101 Freeway would allow wildlife populations in the Santa Monica Mountains, including mountain lions, to communicate with populations further north.

According to the park, mountain lions in the research region are most frequently killed by vehicle collisions. Nine mountain lions have passed away since March 2022 as a result of being hit by cars.

Six of these animals had radio collars. P-81 was the 13th radio-collared animal and the 34th mountain lion in the research region to pass away from road death since 2002.

To understand how mountain lions endure in a fragmented and urbanized habitat, the National Park Service has spent the last two decades researching mountain lions in and around the Santa Monica Mountains.

Another Santa Monica Mountains Mountain Lion is Believed to Have Been Killed by a Vehicle

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