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An in-depth Look at the Year’s Top New Courses and the Biggest, Most Significant Improvements

Golf Digest panelists visit the United States and Canada each year to play every course in our rankings, including those that are candidates for Best New, Best Renovation, and Best Transformation (for more on these categories, see below).

A course needs at least 15 evaluations to be eligible to win a Best New category. When golf facilities open or reopen later in the cycle, as the Best New Public Course winner Landmand Golf Club did in 2022, getting panelists there in time can be difficult. But the demand is still there.

But requiring a minimum amount of assessments makes sure that the Best New rankings are based on actual course grades and a certain level of agreement.

To put it another way, the winners are decided by those who have played and evaluated the nominations, not by editors or a group of journalists who compile lists of important new and renovated courses they haven’t seen.

These conclusions are based on experience, not on rumors or speculation based on images.

There is a tonne of important work being done around the nation, and it is all worth looking into, even though only a select few courses can take home the top awards each year. The 2022 nominees are shown in further detail below.

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