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After a Two-hour Standoff With Police, a Man in New Jersey Has Been Arrested on Counts of Aggravated Assault.

An Ocean County man is facing criminal charges after allegedly assaulting a lady and then holding police at bay with a knife for two hours before being brought to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Police were called to a Toms River residence at about 3 p.m. on Friday after a report of a “disorderly person suffering from a mental ailment,” according to Police Chief Mitchell A. Little.

Officers “talked with the victim who said that she had just been assaulted and the perpetrator was in his bedroom with a knife,” Little said in a statement.

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Officers “saw the suspect with the knife in his hand and withdrew everyone from the house to talk to him,” Little explained.

Over the course of roughly two hours of conversation, Officer Kristi Stebila “established a rapport with the suspect,” as described by Little.

Within two hours, Stebila “convinced him to leave the house quietly,” as Little put it.

The individual, whose identity has not been disclosed, has been charged with aggravated assault in the third degree and firearms violations.

According to Little, he was transferred to Community Medical Center in Toms River for help with his mental health.

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On Sunday morning, information was scarce concerning the victim of the assault or the severity of her injuries.

Little said that Stebilia and the other cops were responsible for peacefully terminating the situation.

Officers Damon Korpon, Robert King, and Kevin Corrigan were also recognized for their professionalism and for securing the safety of everyone in the house; Chief Corrigan praised Officer Kristi Stebila for her “effectiveness, compassion, and patience” when conversing with the suspect.


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