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Adept Xqc Breakup? Popular Streamer XQc Have Broken up With His Long-Term Girlfriend!

Popular streamer xQc said on stream that he couldn’t go to QTCinderella’s Shit Camp because of his recent divorce with lover and fellow streamer Adept. Adept, though, shot down these rumors and expressed displeasure that the former Overwatch pro had leaked news of their apparent breakup.

Many viewers and streams voiced their displeasure with xQc in the days leading up to Shit Camp when he unexpectedly canceled his attendance. The French-Canadian streamer initially explained his absence from Shit Camp by saying that his friend and rival, Sodapoppin, had no plans to go. However, xQc has now explained that he broke up with his long-term boyfriend, Adept and that he had a family dispute.

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That XQc and Adept Split up Again Is Confirmed.

Adept Xqc Breakup? Popular streamer xQc have broken up with his long-term girlfriend

The former Overwatch pro said on his stream that day that he and Adept had broken up again. To paraphrase, “I love my brother, I love my family, but he and his girlfriend, and me and Sammy we simply couldn’t be all at once in one location, we couldn’t, we couldn’t, it’s just not feasible,” xQc remarked.

It was just really strange, he said, because “there was friction when I was at my brother’s place and there was friction when we all arrived here.”

The Twitch celebrity said that things got even more contentious when his brother moved in with him before he moved back to Canada and that reconciliation efforts ultimately failed. To paraphrase, “I felt like I had to make a decision. It was my fault, that’s just what occurred,” he admitted, “but I felt like I had no choice except to choose my family over Sammy in that situation.

XQc Said that The Separation Was Caused

Adept Xqc Breakup?

Some members of the xQc community were relieved to finally have their questions answered, while others were understandably bummed that the two have now seemingly parted ways. Both were invited to participate in QTCinderella‘s Shitcamp, but only one showed up. It’s unclear if they’ll be able to make up this time. On a late-night stream on September 15th, xQc revealed he was divided between his family and Adept.

Explaining further, xQc said that the separation was caused by a “not fixable” argument between the streamer’s brother and Adept’s respective significant other. Although the streamer later expressed regret for not attending Shit Camp, xQc said he lacked the motivation to put on a show and instead accepted the blame for not attending in order to protect Adept from being singled out.

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Details of Their Breakup

Adept Xqc Breakup?

I should have just gone and played it out,” xQc said. But everyone knows I have a hard time with that, including my friends.

I’ve never been good at keeping secrets or putting on a good front, and it’s common knowledge among those who know me that I’m terrible at both.
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I told [Adept] I wouldn’t go public with any details of our breakup, and I feel terrible that I kind of broke my promise.

The claim that he won’t be attending is false. Adept explained, “He had already made up his mind not to go.” The things he said about Shit Camp that made people so angry about QTCinderella’s efforts were already out in the open. He was putting an end to the buzz with his nasty comments.
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Then we called it quits. Since their last streams on September 15, viewers have been left wondering if either of them will make any additional comments on the apparent breakup.

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