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A witness in New Jersey Reports a Shape-Shifting Object 150 Feet Above a Neighbor’s Home.

In 6:41 p.m. on January 2, 2023, a New Jersey witness at Long Beach reported seeing a shape-shifting object 150 feet above a neighbor’s home, according to evidence from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

The witness had a sudden need to go outside in search of a tranquil location to address difficulties. The sky was overcast with low-lying rain clouds. After setting a phone and a can of Mountain Dew on the bonnet of a pickup in the driveway, the witness sipped soda and admired the surrounding landscape.

“I observed no visible lights due to the low cloud cover,” reported the witness. “After a few moments, I noticed a white light in the western sky, not far away. It resembled a single helicopter or aircraft light.”

The witness continued gazing and ruled out Venus before concluding that it must be an aeroplane or helicopter. Then, upon a second look upward, the item appeared as a sphere of white light.

It transformed into a triangle and resembled a TR3-B with a large central circle and three smaller circles on the bottom of the ship.

At this time, the witness got incredibly terrified.

This was around 150 feet over a neighbor’s residence. No noise. This is too close for a sighting, I realised. I became very terrified. I was screaming sentences suggesting my complete lack of composure and safety.”

The witness observed three white, then blue, then red balls of light as the transformation continued. The witness was able to activate the camera screen after producing a phone.

“As I raised my phone to capture photographs, the ‘operator’ became aware, stopped hovering, jerked like someone using a joystick, and reversed course, flying westward and not above tree levels.”

The video was captured by the witness, although he claims it is of poor quality due to his anxiousness in the scenario.

No photos were submitted in the January 6, 2023 report submission. Long Beach is a barrier island in Ocean County, New Jersey, with around 10,000 permanent residents. Witness testimony has been altered for clarity. Please notify MUFON or the National UFO Reporting Center of any UFO sightings (NUFORC).

New Jersey Cases

According to the MUFON January newsletter, New Jersey ranked sixth for UFO sightings in the United States in December 2022, with 19 reports. California had the most cases with 51.

In December 2022, 38 triangle cases were reported nationwide.

Historic New Jersey

According to evidence from the National UFO Reporting Center, on October 1, 1957, around 11 p.m., a Paterson, New Jersey, witness witnessed eight grey metallic discs moving in formation across the night sky (NUFORC).

The witness was approximately 13 years old during the occurrence. The date given is approximative.

The witness and a buddy, both amateur astronomers, were observing the moonless, moonless night sky. They had constructed a six-inch telescope and were positioning it when they observed a V-shaped formation of perhaps eight circular-shaped objects traversing the sky practically directly above them.

“Each item appeared to be roughly the size of a full moon, was spherical in shape, and had a dull, light grey metallic hue,” reported the witness. “I do not know if they were visible due to light reflected from the ground or if they were semi-transparent and illuminated from within.”

The witness was certain that they seemed metallic and gave the impression of being ‘hardware’

“They were completely silent and created a lasting impression on me. We watched as they sped across the sky at a constant rate until disappearing behind a structure. We only saw them for five to ten seconds.”

The objects remained in formation throughout the observation, with no discs within the formation moving independently. As they retreated, it became apparent that they were disc-shaped and flying from north to south.

At that point, both witnesses were convinced they had observed an extraterrestrial object. As amateur astronomers, they have experience viewing aircraft in flight, satellites, comets, meteor showers, the Aurora, etc.

“I am aware that what we witnessed that night cannot be explained by any natural or artificial occurrence. The following day, we purchased all of the local newspapers in hopes of finding confirmation of our experience, but there were no connected items.

Since then, the witness has been observing the night sky, but has never observed another UFO.

No photos were included in the February 28, 2005 report submission. Witness testimony has been altered for clarity.

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