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HomenewsA Judge Has Temporarily Halted New Jersey's Stricter Gun Laws.

A Judge Has Temporarily Halted New Jersey’s Stricter Gun Laws.

9 January Reuters – As an early test of some states’ efforts to pass gun control measures in the aftermath of a U.S.

Supreme Court judgement last year expanding gun rights worldwide, a federal court on Monday halted elements of a recently passed New Jersey legislation restricting where people in the state may carry guns.

Renee Marie Bumb, a federal district judge, ruled that the state’s new restrictions were illegal under the Second Amendment.

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There was a prohibition on bringing loaded firearms in automobiles and on carrying firearms into public buildings including libraries, museums, pubs, and restaurants without the owner’s permission.

While numerous persons dispute the statute in court, she issued a temporary restraining order preventing its execution.
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Three people and several gun-rights organisations filed the lawsuit.
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The complaint does not affect the remainder of the bill, which was signed last month by Democratic New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy. Some of the features include stricter licencing requirements and regulations for concealed carry of firearms.

Murphy’s spokesman Tyler Jones expressed his office’s displeasure with the judge’s decision to overturn “common sense limits” and promised to fight for their restoration.

Since the Supreme Court ruled in June that the Second Amendment guarantees people’s right to carry handguns for self-defence in public places, the state of New York has to create a bill to replace its gun licence system.

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The ruling allowed states the option of imposing gun restrictions in “sensitive places,” but stipulated that such measures must be in line with the United States’ long history of gun control. Bump’s Monday ruling said New Jersey’s regulations were inconsistent with that custom.


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