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A Veteran from New Jersey Brings Therapy Ducks to Places Where Seniors Live.

Jeremy Piatt was born in New Jersey, and his family was in the military. Both of his parents were in the U.S. Navy. So, when he graduated from high school, he joined.
He said, “It’s the least I could do for my country.”

He joined the Navy in 2003 and was in the service for four years. Then, in 2007, he decided to use his skills in the Army, where he served for about five years.
Piatt has trouble with post-traumatic stress disorder and is now a disabled veteran. And for the past four years, he and his fiancee have been buying and raising birds as emotional support animals.

A Veteran from New Jersey Brings Therapy Ducks to Places Where Seniors Live.

“PTSD is a pain in the side, and I’ve been having trouble at work,” Piatt said. “I think that sharing my love of animals with other people is my calling.”

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Now, Piatt travels around the area to visit senior citizens with “Carmel” and “Peepers,” two ducks he hatched and raised from eggs.

“It helps them feel better, and it helps me feel better, too,” he said.

Today, Piatt took his therapy ducks to Spring Oak at Vineland, an assisted living center.
Dolores Lombardo, a local person, said, “I like animals, and they’re my friends.” “I lived on a farm as a child.”

Piatt hopes that the ducks will remind the older people of their youth and make them smile.
“When someone moves into a nursing home, they shouldn’t feel sad. They are still going about their lives “he said. “I’m going to keep doing this and serving my country as long as I’m alive.”

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