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A Sixth Grader From Jersey City Was Reportedly Arrested for Carrying a Pellet Pistol to School

A pupil in the sixth grade at a public school in Jersey City was taken into custody and charged with bringing a pellet pistol onto school grounds on Thursday. The act was described as “a tragic error” by the superintendent of the district.

Superintendent Norma Fernandez stated that the youngster was taken into custody after it was reported that a 12-year-old child at School 38 on Stegman Parkway had a plastic gun and plastic pellets in his possession. The principal of the school called the police as soon as the report was made.

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Due to the minor nature of the pupil, his name was not made public. The youngster was charged with possession of a pistol despite the fact that he never displayed the gun, according to a spokeswoman for the City of Jersey City named Kimberly Wallace-Scalcione.

According to Fernandez, the student did not pose a threat to anyone else but seemed to have made a poor error of judgment.

There have been no reports of injuries, and the situation is still being investigated.

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The most recent information obtained from the Jersey City police department has been incorporated into this report.

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