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A Roommate Stabbed to Death an Aspiring Model Who Lived in a Homeless Shelter in New York City.

After arguing with her about her playing loud music, the roommate of a model who was staying at a shelter in Manhattan is accused of stabbing her to death and then leaving the scene.

According to statements made by Victoria Goode’s older brother to the New York Daily News, the 27-year-old Victoria Goode aspired to be a runway model.

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According to her brother, she had it in her mind to spend the holidays with her family in Oklahoma. According to her brother, Goode had previously participated in a photo shoot for Vogue Mexico in September, but she had been having trouble finding work.

As a result, she had been forced to remain in shelters in the hopes that the city would assist her in finding a permanent home. Her brother claimed that she had been terrified by her roommate Charmaine Crossman for a considerable amount of time.
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Crossman is said to have fled the scene following the alleged stabbing, but he turned himself into the police on Tuesday. She has been accused of killing someone.
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