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A New Jersey Senator is Developing Legislation that Would Make It More Difficult for Prosecutors to Plea Bargain Gun Charges.

Monday’s shooting at Michigan State University, in which Anthony McRae, a native of New Jersey, killed three people, could have been prevented if “liberal soft-on-crime” gun policies had not allowed him to avoid a felony gun charge in 2019, according to Republican State Sen. Doug Steinhardt (R-Lopatcong).

“Rather than being prosecuted for the felony gun crime for which he was arrested, he was permitted to plead guilty to lesser crimes that allowed him to continue having firearms,” Steinhardt explained. The sad loss of life at MSU likely would not have occurred if not for this failing.

McRae would have been prohibited from owning a handgun, according to Steinhardt, had he been convicted of a felony gun offence nearly three years ago instead of accepting a prosecutor’s plea deal to a lower misdemeanour charge of possession of a loaded firearm in a vehicle.

According to Steinhardt, prosecutor Carol Sieman cited “dramatic racial disparity” as her reason for not prosecuting McRae with a felony.

Steinhardt added, “There is a direct correlation between liberal soft-on-crime policies and violent violence at MSU and elsewhere.” “Contrary to what liberals assume, holding criminals who unlawfully possess and use firearms accountable is not racially motivated; it is a matter of public safety. Democrats have often used their own prosecution failings as a pretext to incite fear and attack the constitutional rights of law-abiding gun owners who wish to defend themselves against true criminals. We’re no longer falling for it.”

Steinhardt declared that he will draught legislation that would make it more difficult for prosecutors to engage into plea bargains with defendants who have past convictions or are charged with violent firearms crimes. His legislation would demand the collection of information regarding gun prosecutions.

Steinhardt stated, “We must end the revolving door in the court system that returns serial gun criminals to the communities they have already victimised with a slap on the wrist.” “Democrats, such as the former prosecutor in Michigan, assert that this is not occurring, but they are deluded. Here in New Jersey, we will collect the data that demonstrates it.”

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