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A Heroic New Jersey Police Rescues a Man Trapped in a Burning Automobile Before Heading to Work.

A sergeant with the New Jersey Department of Corrections is being hailed as a hero after he rescued a driver who was stuck in his vehicle following an accident that occurred early on Thursday morning.

When Sgt. John Alloway was driving along 295 Southbound at 5 a.m. on his way to work at South Woods State Prison, he came across an automobile that had flipped onto its side near Exit 43. The vehicle was blocking the roadway.

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After stopping his vehicle and turning on his emergency lights, Sgt. Alloway was able to direct the flow of traffic on the ramp and provide aid to those who needed it.

After that, he became aware that a male driver was trapped inside the vehicle, which was on fire.

Swiftness of Activity

Alloway put out the fire using an extinguisher that he had retrieved from his own vehicle while a bystander was on the phone calling 911.

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After that, he used a pry bar to open the door on the driver’s side of the vehicle, dragged the person who was trapped out of the vehicle while he was still alive, and helped him to the shoulder of the road.

When emergency medical services and members of the New Jersey State Police arrived at the scene, they provided medical attention to the driver and requested a statement from Sgt. Alloway.

After saying his heartfelt goodbyes, the NJDOC veteran of 14 years traveled to South Woods State Prison, where he hosted a COVID-19 vaccine pop-up clinic for the inmates there.

A Hero He is.

“we’re proud of and grateful for Sgt. Alloway’s actions in this situation,” Department of Corrections Commissioner Victoria Kuhn said, “without hesitation, this valued NJDOC sergeant placed himself in harm’s way to help and to be of service to the public.”

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Alloway was a member of the New Jersey Department of Corrections. The essence of the New Jersey Department of Corrections is embodied in the devotion and activities of this man.


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