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New Jersey Has Passed a Law to Crack Down on So-Called “porch Pirates”

NEW JERSEY, EDISON Many of us have had parcels stolen from our doorsteps, and police claim that this “porch piracy” is on the rise as the holiday season approaches. It’s become so bad that New Jersey passed legislation to stop porch pirates.

You’ve probably seen footage of porch pirates stealing packages from front doors using doorbell cameras. Unfortunately for Andre Restrepo, a thief made off with some pricey kicks that he’d left in his driveway.

“This is money I’ve worked for, and I don’t appreciate being treated so rudely. Furthermore, we foot the bill for the service, having it delivered to us. When it comes to shipping, free isn’t necessarily the “His words.

New law in New Jersey targets "porch pirates"

In just the past year, more than 5 million Americans fell prey to scammers. In the majority of jurisdictions, porch piracy is handled as a case of pickpocketing. However, due to a recently enacted law in New Jersey, doing so is now a felony. A porch pirate who is found guilty might spend up to five years behind bars.

“It constitutes a serious crime. In the past, it wasn’t quite the same as breaking into someone’s home and stealing their possessions. At this point, there is no difference at all. This is equivalent to breaking into someone’s house “Legislator Robert Karabinchak put it this way.

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The head of the Edison Police Department has reported an increase in these types of offences.

“My number one piece of advice is to team up with a neighbour,” Chief Thomas Bryan stated. If you won’t be around to accept deliveries, see if one of your neighbours can help out.

Showing off your home security system is another technique to deter parcel theft. According to the research, burglars avoid houses that have cameras installed.

“You would be amazed that the video system, the Ring cameras, they catch the automobiles out there, they catch the plates, the entire stuff,” Bryan said. “Our detective bureau really has, like, a 78 percent close-out record of actually catching people that do this.”

New law in New Jersey targets "porch pirates"

You can also arrange for the delivery company to notify you through email as soon as your package has been delivered. CLO Coffee Company owner Jennifer Angeles says she regrets not doing it. We needed a vital component for our plumbing, and it was on the way,” she explained.

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Postal inspectors have stated that package theft from the United States Postal Service is a criminal offence, although only about half of the states have legislation specifically targeting porch bandits.

If you are aware of your rights and take some precautions, you can keep a thief from robbing you of your holiday cheer.


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