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A Calf From Lancaster County Made It to New York Without Being Slaughtered

Reportedly spotted making its way through the streets of Brooklyn, a calf that had escaped from a butcher in New York City was captured by a local rescue organization.

The unexpected maneuver saved the animal from the slaughterhouse.

According to Mike Stura, proprietor of Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue in New Jersey, the 4-month-old male calf had an unexpected turn of events on March 21 while being unloaded from a truck outside a butcher.

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Stura described how, “at the last second,” the man turned and “sort of blew everyone out of the path” before running down the street with a large group of people following him.

Locals reportedly filmed the calf running through the streets as employees chased after him to catch him, as reported by PIX11. At last, he was herded back to the butcher.

A public uproar to preserve the calf reportedly followed shortly after, as reported by WABC.

“Everyone felt bad for him,” Stura remarked. Our culture operates on the principle of “out of sight, out of memory.” The animal was visible, too.

Stura, who learned of the incident through social media, called the butcher and was informed that the pig had been returned to the farm from where it originated in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

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Stura, who is against eating animals, loaded up his trailer and drove the three hours to the farm near Lancaster in order to rescue him.

He was ultimately successful in persuading the owner to part with the courageous cow.

Stura loaded the 400-pound calf into his trailer and headed back to his sanctuary, where he takes care of animals rescued from situations such as cruelty, neglect, slaughter, ritual sacrifice, and more.

When driving home, Stura came up with the name “Stewie” for the cow.

He predicted that in another twenty years or so, “he’ll die of old age.”

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