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Who Is Tom Fitton: A Prominent Conservative Activist, Who Is Offering Trump Legal Counsel!

CNN reported on Friday that the leader of the conservative legal activist group Judicial Watch has been advising former President Trump on how to handle his retention of presidential records. Soon after the National Archives revealed earlier this year that it got 15 boxes of data from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort, Trump began fielding calls from the group’s head, Tom Fitton.

It has been stated that after receiving the boxes, some of which included sensitive information, the Archives contacted the Department of Justice (DOJ) to conduct an investigation. According to three CNN sources, Fitton told Trump that giving the boxes to the Archives was a mistake and that the data actually belonged to Trump.

What Is the Legal Argument?

Who Is Tom Fitton:

If the Archives came back for further records, Fitton argued Trump should not supply them. He allegedly argued that Trump could do whatever he wanted with White House records because of a 2012 lawsuit in which Judicial Watch was involved.

According to CNN, Trump asked Fitton to brief his lawyers on the legal argument. Trump has insisted time and again that he is helping investigators recover the documents. According to CNN, Fitton eventually succeeded in persuading him that the records in his possession properly belonged to him.

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Who Is Tom Fitton?

Who Is Tom Fitton:

American activist for conservative causes and president of the watchdog group Judicial Watch, Thomas J. Fitton (born May 30, 1968). Fitton is well-known for his efforts to combat corruption and enhance openness in government by filing numerous Freedom of Information Act requests. Fitton is also well-known for the successful lawsuits he has brought and won on behalf of voters and election security.

Early Life.

Fitton’s birthplace was the New York city of West Nyack. In 1986, he received his diploma from Clarkstown High School South. Fitton attended George Washington University and graduated with a degree in English. His mom was a nurse, while his dad ran a grocery store.

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Sues Liberals and Fuels Culture War Issues.

Who Is Tom Fitton:

Fitton, the leader of a group that sues liberals and fuels culture war issues, is not an attorney. A source in the MAGA world told CNN, “The moment Tom got in the boss’ ear, it went downhill from there.” Despite the fact that he makes a fortune yelling about the law while wearing his trademark too-tight shirts, this may be the reason.

After prosecutors filed a redacted version of the affidavit under seal for US Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart’s approval yesterday, Fitton tweeted, “BREAKING: Biden DOJ dishonest secrecy on Trump raid continues. In response to a lawsuit brought by @JudicialWatch demanding disclosure of details surrounding a recent political raid, they have filed two fresh documents, both of which are entirely sealed.


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