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Who Is Sheree Whitfield? In Real Housewives of Atlanta’s “Trouble in Paradise!”

She needs to clear the air. When Shereé Whitfield introduced her clothing line, She by Shereé, on the season finale of The Real Housewives of Atlanta on September 4, it was a moment that fans had been waiting years to see.

As fans know, this season saw Whitfield, 52, face a myriad of obstacles with her line, including production issues with the apparel. The Bravo celebrity tried to debut the line in 2008, during the first season of RHOA, but she was unable to do so owing to a shortage of product samples.

Who Is Shereé Whitfield?

Who Is Sheree Whitfield

SHEREE Whitfield is a founding cast member of the Bravo series The Real Housewives of Atlanta.
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In season nine, after an absence of several years, she made her triumphant return, reviving all the show’s most beloved dramatic elements. Shereé Whitfield, born in Shaker Heights, Ohio on January 2, 1970, is a reality TV star, novelist, and businesswoman.

In 2008, she became a cast member on RHOA, but she left after four years because she was “weary of the bickering and the cattiness,” according to an article in Women’s Health.
The next year, though, she made her return to the show and became a regular cast member once again. Whitfield has more than a million followers on Instagram, and she uses the platform to talk about her life when she’s not working.
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How Much Money Does Shereé Whitfield Have?

Whitfield has amassed a large fortune thanks to her flourishing career. According to Celebrity Net Worth, she is worth an estimated $800,000 as of August 2022. The popularity of her reality show and sales of her SHE clothing line are the primary factors in this evaluation.

How About Shereé Whitfield? Does She Have a Boyfriend?

Who Is Sheree Whitfield

Until their divorce in 2007, Whitfield was married to Bob Whitfield, the father of her children. Soon after her divorce, she started dating Tyrone Gilliams, who was later convicted of wire fraud and sentenced to 10 years in prison. After eight years in a Philadelphia halfway house, he was released in April 2022, but he was put under house arrest and was not allowed to travel further than 100 miles from Philadelphia, as reported by Bustle.

That meant that the few times he did make an appearance on RHOA, it was via video chat. The news that Whitfield had gone to Philadelphia to see him in June 2022, only to be stood up, made headlines. “Tyrone left me in a city that I’m unfamiliar with — not a text, not a call,” she stated at the time, as reported by Bustle. Gilliams made contact later on but pretended it never happened.

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Their Relationship

Who Is Sheree Whitfield

It was “f*cking humiliating,” she said, but she wasn’t “ready to give up on” their relationship. It’s not that easy to just move on, she admitted; “I think when you love someone, you don’t stop loving them overnight even when sometimes they hurt you, they do bad things.” The nature of their bond is yet unknown.

“The influx of love is crashing the website because of the enormous interest in She by Shereé!

Sunday via Twitter, she expressed her thoughts on the matter. However, we apologize for the inconvenience and ask that you kindly check back within the following day. We’re doing our best to figure this out. We hope to be of service to you very soon. Your curiosity is much appreciated. Our appreciation goes out to everyone who has patronized us tonight. The She by Shereé has now started operations online, providing exercise apparel and accessories ranging in price from $32 to $182.


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