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Who is Ross Lynch’s Girlfriend? Latest Updates About His Past Relationships!

American songwriter-musician-actor On December 29, 1995, Ross Shor Lynch was born. He was the frontman for the pop rock band R5, and he and his brother Rocky Lynch are now known as the Driver Era. His breakthrough roles as Austin Moon on Disney Channel’s Austin & Ally and Brady in the Teen Beach Movie feature series catapulted him to fame.

Is Ross Lynch in a Relationship?

A man with his looks and personality would be expected to be taken off the market. Ladies, lift your spirits! We can’t see her being his typical date, so the woman he’s seeing must be extremely special. Ross is currently dating Jaz Sinclair, an actress best known for her roles in the TV shows Paper Towns and The Vampire Diaries. Jaz and Ross met while filming an episode of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina in 2018.

Despite this, they did not appear together shortly after their initial meeting. They visited Paris Fashion Week as a public couple for the first time in January 2020. They looked great together and complemented each other perfectly. I mean, can’t you see how hot they are, people?

Jaz and Ross wear matching monochrome suits at Paris Fashion Week. They impulsively reached out and linked hands. They were the focus of everyone’s attention. They declared their relationship status on Instagram more than two months after their first red carpet appearance together. In March, the couple posted on social media about their happy day relaxing on the beach together.

Is Ross Lynch in a Relationship?

The declarations of love persisted. In another Instagram post, Jaz praised Ross’s hairstyling abilities, writing, “Get you a man who does it all.” “I like this video,” she exclaimed. Yes, you should mention each other more frequently in your social media postings, in my opinion.

Relationship With Courtney Eaton

Ross’s co-star on Status Update, Courtney Eaton, was another beautiful woman he dated previously. Indeed, the film brought them together, and as usual, they immediately connected. Also not brief, his relationship with Courtney lasted nearly three years, from 2015 to 2017.

In September 2015, Ross confirmed his relationship with Courtney on Instagram, which was a huge deal. However, before Courtney and Jaz, Ross never truly desired anything to be formal (or did not wish to proclaim it publicly).

However, we can see from his time with Courtney and Jaz that he also wrote frequently and boldly announced to the world that he was in a relationship. What, though, changed his mind?

Ross and Courtney did not discuss their time as a couple in great detail. Unfortunately, his relationship is likewise not immune to naysayers. Some individuals cannot let celebrities live their life in peace.

Courtney and Ross did not announce their breakup, but their detractors did: it became public knowledge after their haters posted all of their allegedly “inappropriate” photos on the Internet.

Relationship With Courtney Eaton

Ross did not maintain silence. In reaction to all hateful comments, he tweeted, “Some things in the world are not worth worrying about.” Courtney is aware of her significance to me, and that’s it.”

Courtney’s Instagram post reveals that Ross attended Courtney’s birthday celebration, even though they did not discuss the cause of their breakup. The end of a relationship doesn’t mean you can’t hang out together, right?

Ross and Morgan Larson: Everything You Need to Know

Ross seems to enjoy dating his co-star a lot. Along with Jaz Sinclair and Courtney Eaton, he also dated Morgan Larson, whom he met in 2012 while working on the set of Teen Beach Movie.

However, as we previously noted, Ross didn’t like to expose or discuss his relationship during his interviews, so we just learned about it through an interview he gave to Cosmopolitan in April 2019.

“I was 16 when the first movie [Teen Beach Movie] came out, but there were either high school or college students there. And they just relocated us to a Caribbean island for two months,” he gushed in his interview.

Additionally, Ross shared an Instagram picture of himself with Morgan Larson, which had his admirers wonder if the two were dating.

Ross and Morgan Larson: Everything You Need to Know

Ross and Morgan are seen kissing on the cheeks in the photo, but Ross didn’t add a caption. Does that imply that he intended others to draw their conclusions? It might be, though.

He didn’t erase his photo with Morgan, though, even until now. Since Ross deleted his selfie with Courtney, several fans were unsure if their connection was anything more than “just friends.”

Ross also made no effort to provide any clarification. Instead, he let the audience decide how to perceive it. The rumors about him and Morgan quickly died down now that he is in a fulfilling relationship.

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A Rumor Started by a Song Concerning Carrie Wampler

Even though Ross rarely confirmed or denied anything, the rumor about him dating his co-stars appeared to never die, and even grew stronger over time.

Ross was reportedly linked to Austin & Ally co-star Carrie Wampler. The myth began when he created a song about a female for an episode of Austin & Ally, but he did not identify who the song was for.

Instead, he simply allows his admirers and audience to determine what they want to think about him, just like any other rumors and relationship news. He’s too preoccupied with living his life, you guys!

Ross’s Relationship With Laura Marano is More Than Romantic

Another noteworthy woman in Ross’s life is (again) his co-star on Austin & Ally. However, they made it plain that their friendship is more valuable than their romantic relationship; they had been lifelong best friends.

“Laura and I are similar to a married pair,” Ross told J-14 in October 2013 during an interview.

“We frequently debate over who is always correct. This occurs frequently on set. We are cordial, assist one another, and have each other’s backs on set.” Even while Ross never bothered to dispel suspicions about his personal life, he seemed to enjoy talking about Laura Marano repeatedly.

However, the interviewer persisted. Everyone was more interested in whether he had ever dated his co-star on the show.


Ross's Relationship With Laura Marano is More Than Romantic

“I would, but not as a co-star of a television series till it is concluded.” “Of course, you don’t want to worry about it in the upcoming seasons,” he confidently replied. However, this did not imply that his connection that began on set was not genuine. He simply kept it hidden or postponed it till the season was over. We presume that the decision was prudent.

He did not cease there. Ross continued, “But if it’s a short endeavor, I see no reason why not.” No matter how much you wanted Ross and Laura to date, they ultimately dated someone else. They remained close and continued to communicate as best friends, so there was no need for concern.

This is the beauty of remaining as friends rather than lovers: your intimacy is more likely to last than after a breakup as a pair.

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