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HomenewsWho Is Kyle Rittenhouse: He Claims to Be Attending Texas A&m University!

Who Is Kyle Rittenhouse: He Claims to Be Attending Texas A&m University!

Kyle Rittenhouse corrected himself on Twitter a few days after telling a conservative podcast that he was planning to attend Texas A&M University, a two-year public college, this year. A Texas A&M spokeswoman told The Texas Tribune on Sunday that Rittenhouse, despite his statements about his plans to attend,

had not been accepted to the Tier One research university for this summer or fall. If Rittenhouse applied to the institution, the university would not reveal this information to the public.

Rittenhouse posted on Twitter on Monday afternoon, “Unfortunately, the end of my high school career was snatched from me.” You see, I didn’t have the time other students have to adequately prepare for the future. This year, I’ll be attending Blinn College District, an institution that serves as a stepping stone to Texas A&M University. “I can’t wait to start classes in the fall of 2023 at Texas A&M!”

Rittenhouse Applied to Blinn College on April 28.kely rittenhouse texas A&M

kely rittenhouse texas A&Mkely rittenhouse texas A&MRittenhouse applied to Blinn College on April 28 but has not yet enrolled in a current or forthcoming term, according to a Blinn College representative. Open enrolment means that all students are welcome at the junior college. Rittenhouse has now tweeted that he intends to relocate to Texas before the end of June.

The 17-year-old Rittenhouse drove from Antioch, IL to Kenosha, WI when he heard about a protest in Kenosha, WI, over the shooting of a black man by a white police officer. Rittenhouse had previously stated that he wished to assist law authorities in the event of civil disturbance by protecting property.

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He was wanted for the murders of two individuals and the shooting of a third with his rifle, among other things. During his high-profile trial, in which he maintained he acted in self-defense, he was cleared of any felony charges. Blinn College is a Brenham-based community college with a Bryan campus near Texas A&M University, but it is not part of the Texas A&M University System. In 2020, Texas A&M estimates that 53 percent of its transfer students will remain at the university.

Transferring to Texas A&M isn’t a sure thing, either. To be considered, students must have a 2.5 GPA and 24 hours of transferrable courses. The fact that Rittenhouse is so dedicated to Texas A&M shows how much the SEC — and college sports in general — have an impact on young people.

Profitable Relationships.

killed someonekely rittenhouse texas A&M

Rittenhouse is heading down the road to melancholy if he doesn’t watch his step, which nothing suggests he is. The young man will miss out on a better life if he does not change his ways. Invitees to posh parties and prominent media appearances will soon forget about bringing him along to the next event.

Because he’s not aware of it, they are utilizing him as content during commercial breaks. He has no idea that they are making fun of him behind his back now more than ever. Rittenhouse, if he were intelligent (which he doesn’t appear to be), would exploit these potentially profitable relationships as a stepping stone to a better future. Instead, it could be the final moments of his 15-minute career.

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Huge Announcement.

kely rittenhouse1

If you missed it last Friday, Rittenhouse made a huge announcement about his college plans on “The Charlie Kirk Show,” turning out his baseball cap for an A&M hat and saying, “I’m going to Texas A&M.” ‘I’m going there, and it’s going to be amazing,’ said Rittenhouse to Kirk. A “beautiful campus, wonderful people, and wonderful food.”

A spokesman for Arizona State University emphasized that Rittenhouse was not enrolled and had not gone through the admissions process when he claimed to be studying nursing there.


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