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Who Is Jimmy Bullard: The Black Gloves Worn by Jimmy Bullard Left Viewers of Celebrity Master Chef Wondering!

The last four contestants on Thursday’s episode of BBC’s Celebrity MasterChef had to recreate one of Asma Khan’s dishes from scratch. Jimmy Bullard, a former football player, puzzled onlookers by being the only player to don black latex gloves.

 Who Is James Richard?

Who Is Jimmy Bullard

James Richard Bullard, born in England on October 23, 1978, is a former professional footballer, coach, and TV host. He currently co-hosts Soccer AM, a Saturday morning show on Sky Sports. He began his football career as a midfielder for West Ham United’s youth team before making the switch to Gravesend & Northfleet in 1998.

After spending two years with Peterborough United, he moved on to Wigan Athletic, where he helped the club win promotion to the Premier League by scoring 10 goals in 145 league appearances. Bullard was a charismatic leader on the field who played football with a constant grin on his face. If you ask Paul Jewell, Bullard is the one that really makes the locker room feel like a family.

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It was in East Ham, London, where Bullard was born.  While in elementary school, he represented Bexley Primary Schools FA and Kent Schools FA on the scholastic football team; later, while attending Erith School, he played for North Kent Schools FA. He got his debut in non-League football with Corinthian, an amateur team, and then moved on to Dartford, where he made 26 appearances in 1997–98. He played for Gravesend & Northfleet until being recruited in 1999 for £30,000 by West Ham United, the team he had supported since he was a little lad.

Jimmy Prepared the Yummy Recipe.

Who Is Jimmy Bullard

Jimmy was assigned to prepare beef and lamb koftas with a spicy tomato and apricot chutney and a mint yogurt dip, one of several different dishes the contestants would have to prepare. The remaining four stars had an hour and fifteen minutes to complete the task and try to wow Asma and the two judges. Jimmy was confused by the detailed directions even before he began cooking. He responded, “Look at it, it’s pages and pages of stuff, it scares me to death.”

He was referring to the documents they had given him. Fans were perplexed by his clothing choices throughout the series, and they took to Twitter while he cooked to express their disbelief. This week on #CelebrityMasterChef, @TezzaG tweeted, “Jimmy Bullard cooking in serial killer gloves is worrying me out.” Shared by @Ariadne Reviews: “Jimmy Bullard‘s genuine anxious energy is incredibly relatable. Yes, I think I might be falling in love. It’s the black gloves (or the celebrity) on #CelebrityMasterchef on #MasterchefUK. [Sic]

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 Jimmy Claim to Have No Experience in The Kitchen

Who Is Jimmy Bullard

In one tweet, Dave pleaded, “Can someone plz tell me why Jimmy wears gloves sometimes and then other times he doesn’t #celebritymasterchef?”  @lyndsayva was curious, “So, why is Jimmy wearing gloves?” Perhaps it was an allergy to fish, but to peeling potatoes? And then other things don’t even have gloves?” As the voice of reason, Cheryl questioned the hysteria around Jimmy’s gloves.

Do you claim to have no experience in the kitchen? You won’t have to worry about your hands smelling like fish or onions after using them. Gloves are a must for any cook on #CelebrityMasterChef. Based on what Judge John Torode informed the BBC audience, Jimmy had better make sure he got the flavor balance just right, with a touch of both sharpness and sweetness.

John, Greg, and Asma’s allotted time were over, and the celebrity chef was ready to serve up his final meal. Gregg took a bite of the chutney and said, “Woah!” with a shocked expression. Asma inquired as to whether Jimmy had tried the tomato chutney before serving it, and Jimmy confirmed that he had.


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