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America’s Got Talent Season 17 Winner Was the Lebanese Dance Troupe Mayas?

The highly anticipated season finale results for America’s Got Talent Season 17 aired on NBC at 8 pm ET on September 14, 2022. Season 17 of America’s Got Talent was won by the Lebanese dance group Mayas. To go along with the coveted title, the trio also took home a cool million dollars and a spot on the next America’s Got Talent live performance at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas.

Season 17 of the competition series ended with The Mayyas as the victor. The Lebanese female dance ensemble won the main prize and will perform as the headline act at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, earning them $1 million. When the Mayas performed their unforgettable audition, judge Sofia Vergara couldn’t resist and hit the Golden Buzzer.

The Group Performed Another Mesmerizing Dance

Who is America's Got Talent Season 17 winner?

Vergara, 50, stated on the program before she pressed her buzzer, “I would be very honored to empower you even more in this path because you deserve it and I want to be part of this.” She said she had goosebumps from seeing them perform, and she shared her story with PEOPLE as well.
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The group performed another mesmerizing dance routine during the live shows, which fellow judge and executive producer Simon Cowell claimed will “transform the world.”

Shortly after the live show performance, fellow judge Heidi Klum told PEOPLE, “They’re Vegas ready – I would go and watch them.” “Absolutely phenomenal, in my opinion. Clothing plays a huge role. It’s one of those “wow” moments. Like memorizing, it leaves a lingering impression. Essentially, they hypnotize you.”

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Final  Performance

Who is America's Got Talent Season 17 winner?

Howie Mandel, another judge, agreed, calling it “perhaps the most stunning, wonderful act I have seen in my years on this show.” “It defies comparison to anything imaginable. What happened was incredible. It was stunning, entrancing, hypnotic, and potent. Then you have to think about their background, their culture, the challenges they face, and the challenges women face elsewhere. They should be examples of strong, independent women.”

Creator Nadim Cherfan told PEOPLE of the enthusiastic response: “Simply unbelievable. To swallow is an absolute must at this time. We were unable to suppress our excitement, but the affirmation from the judges was a big boost.” The final performance was on Wednesday, and the group once again blew everyone away. They were “proud of ourselves,” Cherfan told PEOPLE later.

The Season 17 Finalists.

Who is America's Got Talent Season 17 winner?

From the Golden Buzzer through the quarterfinals to the finals, “everything about this journey has been incredibly unforgettable,” he remarked. “The title is no longer significant. It’s about sending a powerful message to our people that will inspire them to have faith in themselves and give our struggling nation reason to hold on to hope.” During the Wednesday night finale, anticipation was through the roof before the results were revealed.

Light Balance, featuring members of the Black Eyed Peas and American Idol alums, opened the event with an electrifying number, and the judges and host Terry Crews then gushed over the performances of the season 17 finalists. The top 11 acts were then given another opportunity to perform. These included The Mayyas, magician Nicolas Ribs, singer Sara James, AI group Metaphysic, saxophonist Avery Dixon, country group Chapel Hart, pole dancer Kristy Sellars, magician Yu Hojin, comedian Mike E. Winfield, country singer Drake Milligan, and singing ventriloquist Celia Muoz.

Mayyas Did an Entrancing Routine Together

Milligan sang with fellow country singer Jon Pardi, and Chapel Hart sang with Darius Rucker, while Ribs and Hojin performed magic with previous AGT winner magician Shin Lim. Along with Jeff Ross, Tom McMillian, Mr. Pants, and Lace Larrabee, all of the comedians from Season 17 helped Winfield take part in a comedy roast of Cowell. Sellars and The Mayyas did an entrancing routine together, and Muoz shared the stage with fellow ventriloquists and AGT alums Darci Lynne and Terry Fator.

James then sang with the Black Eyed Peas, and Dixon finished up with Trombone Shorty. Henry Winkler, an acting legend, also made a cameo in the series finale. They triumphed against young Polish vocalist Sara James, saxophonist Avery Dixon, country band Chapel Hart, artificial intelligence act Metaphysic, and pole dancer Kristy Sellars from Australia.

The Stage Was Sellars and Mayas

Who is America's Got Talent Season 17 winner?

With this result, Sellars took second place. Both Chapel Hart and Darius Rucker, of the Black Eyed Peas, and Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas performed at the finale, with Hart and Rucker offering “Something to Talk About.” Also sharing the stage were Sellars and Mayas.

Mayas had a good year, and she even won the “Golden Buzzer” from Sofia Vergara. Vergara proclaimed the performance to be “the most beautiful, innovative dancing I’ve ever seen,” and she added, “There are no words to express to you what we were feeling over here.” After the series finale, she also tweeted: “Mayyas, you have my utmost admiration. It’s your due.”

In Order: The Top 5 Winning Performances

Following eleven intense performances, the show’s judges selected the top five winners. The chapel has landed at the fifth spot. Even though Cowell deemed Hart’s performance a “hit tune,” they only placed fifth.” Vergara acknowledged Metaphysic’s efforts when they placed fourth, saying,

“You guys were wonderful, but this competition this season was extremely challenging.” During the third act, Drake Milligan stole the show. The judges have already declared Drake the winner, calling him a “warrior” and “hugely brilliant.” As for the country singer’s career, Cowell said, “This is just the beginning for you.”

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Where Is the Season 16 Winner of America’s Got Talent?

The Tavella family, including America’s, Got Talent 16 champion magician Dustin Tavella, just relocated from Virginia Beach to Sin City. The illusionist has decided to launch a new show in which he and his family will talk about their travels. Sharing his thoughts in an NBC interview, said “The popularity of America’s Got Talent continues to soar. One of the best parts is getting to go out and meet everyone; it keeps things feeling real.” Furthermore, he said, “We’re performing every night, but every night feels so new.”

The season premiere of America’s Got Talent, Season 17, aired on NBC on May 31, 2022, and the season finale aired on September 14, 2022. The season returned with a vengeance, drawing a sold-out crowd in spite of the lack of COVID-19 limitations. A Lebanese dance troupe by the name of Mayas deservedly took home the season’s top prize. A past winner of “Arab’s Got Talent,” the ensemble took home the crown in season six.

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