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Who Is Alcaraz Coach? Carlos Alcaraz and Frances Tiafoe’s US Open Semifinal Match!

The US Open semi-final match between Frances Tiafoe and Carlos Alcaraz will take place on Friday, therefore on Thursday, Alcaraz took the day off to rest and prepare for the match. The Spaniard spent the day eating, relaxing, and recovering with his team and family after defeating Jannik Sinner in five sets, saving a match point following an epic five-hour-and-15-minute fight. “Today, we decided not to practice any tennis so that he can rest, above all his muscular system,” explained Juan Carlos Ferrero, the coach of the 19-year-old.

He was tired and feeling the effects this morning, but it wasn’t too serious. The coach must have been exhausted as well after experiencing the emotional roller coaster with Alcaraz at Arthur Ashe Stadium. “We went through a lot of stress on Wednesday, but we’re really excited,” said Ferrero. “They were a sublime pair; it was a tremendous match between them. After seeing his previous matches on video, I knew this one would be tough and come down to the smallest of margins.

Who Is Alcaraz’s Coach?

Who Is Alcaraz Coach

There were many events that occurred after that. We were down two sets to one when Carlos could have won the match in three. Attempting a return was becoming exceedingly challenging. Carlos‘ intellectual performance was exceptional. During the fourth and fifth, he faced some severe challenges, but he triumphantly overcame them. As a result of the consistently high level of play and the high quality of the opposition, this is one of the best matches I’ve ever witnessed.

They boosted one another up and motivated one another to do better. With all due respect to the current players, they will be two of the biggest in the next decade. As a matter of fact, they’re at an extremely advanced level.
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There are a few others who can compete, but I see those two as the Tour leaders of the future. For a competition, Alcaraz is fierce. Every match he plays in, he goes all out to win. I told him afterward that I was quite pleased with how he had handled the situation.

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Their Experience

Who Is Alcaraz Coach

At the end of the second set, Alcaraz blasted a backhand volley from the baseline to win a point with a backhand pass, displaying a stroke of genius that stunned the crowd. Ferrero remarked, “That was a tremendous shot.” Since he first started working with me, I’ve appreciated his playing. When the time is right, he will have a stroke of brilliance, I am sure of it. He is never restricted in his ability to think like a human and not a robot, as I encourage his imagination. It’s easy for him to do those kinds of things.

Ferrero did, however, say that they do work on making those difficult shots. As for the name, “Hot Shot,” he came clean. “We often practice shots like that in practice in case they ever come up. There has been some lighthearted banter about trying out for Tennis TV’s Hot Shot of the Week feature. All of the ideas he comes up with come naturally to him, but in order to execute them successfully, talent is required.
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This “talent,” along with many others, has made Alcaraz a fan favorite, as evidenced by the packed arenas every time he takes the court.

“He has a wonderful way of connecting with people, it’s incredibly magnetic,” Ferrero remarked of him. The way he plays with such ferocity and pace on the court and in his shots. His versatility is what keeps fans engaged during a contest. I’ve been a part of the tennis community for a very long time, and I still get a thrill out of watching him compete.

His Confidence and Happiness

Who Is Alcaraz Coach

Ferrero feels confident in the decision Alcaraz should make, despite the fact that the tennis player is only two matches away from becoming the youngest player to ever reach No. 1 in the Pepperstone ATP Rankings if he were to win the upcoming Grand Slam. We don’t discuss such topics, the Spaniard said. We don’t want to jump the gun. What he has ahead of him is a fantastic opportunity, and we all know it.

He devotes himself entirely to the sport, working tirelessly to better his tennis skills while also taking great pleasure in his time on the court. His confidence and happiness on the court help him perform well. There is still a long way to go and a lot to do before we get there. You have to keep working hard and keep your head down all the time, retaining the humility that he has, and mentally he’s prepared to win a Grand Slam and be No. 1.

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Winning a Major Championship

Who Is Alcaraz Coach

In keeping with these thoughts, Ferrero prefers to take things slowly and methodically so as not to overwhelm his understudy. Ferrero implored, “Let’s not make things even more difficult for him. He needs to find his way.” Winning a major championship is the first order of business. His confidence in his ability to win every Grand Slam he enters was further bolstered after that. That’s how the pros play; they enter each event with one thing in mind: victory.

“I’m crossing my fingers that Carlos forces himself into that circumstance. He can achieve great success if he just goes out and does it. With competitors like Sinner, Kyrgios, Tsitsipas, and Zverev, victory is far from guaranteed. There won’t be a dearth of major champion contenders in the years ahead, unlike the last ten.


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