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Two Female Students of the New Jersey Teacher Who Assaulted Them Will Be Sent to Prison.

In the town of HOBOKEN, New Jersey, A former high school teacher in New Jersey was found guilty of sexually assaulting female students and was sentenced to eight years in prison.

On Friday, January 6, 2023, Francisco Realpe, a high school teacher in Hudson County, New Jersey, was sentenced to five years in state prison for sexually assaulting two female students.

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Hoboken resident 46-year-old Realpe pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual assault under New Jersey statute 2C:14-2c on Thursday, June 20, 2022. (3). Four years will be added to the total for both counts.

In addition to the lifetime parole supervision order, both victims have been stripped of their right to ever work for the government again. Megan’s Law and Lifetime Parole Supervision apply to him.

At Dickinson High School in Jersey City, where Realpe taught, the first alleged victim came forward in November 2019.
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Shortly after Realpe’s arrest in 2004, a second victim came forward with allegations of a sexual assault that took place at Union Hill High School in Union City. Both victims were 17 years old when they were attacked.
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Jane Weiner, an assistant prosecutor in Hudson County, argued for the prosecution.

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Assistant Prosecutor Jane Weiner expressed gratitude to the victims who had the courage to come forward and reveal the crimes committed against them.

To quote the judge: “The defendant is held to a higher standard of professionalism as a teacher, and a sentence of incarceration is appropriate in this matter.”


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