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HomenewsThe suspect in the New Jersey synagogue attack attempt appears in court.

The suspect in the New Jersey synagogue attack attempt appears in court.

Thursday afternoon, the man accused of attempting to firebomb a synagogue in New Jersey appeared in court.

After his Wednesday arrest in Clifton, Nicholas Malindretos was in federal court. He is suspected of tossing a Molotov cocktail at a Bloomfield synagogue. Prosecutors disclosed that they discovered further evidence in addition to the garments shown on camera.

Malindretos may be suffering from an undiagnosed mental condition, the public lawyer for the 26-year-old suspect suggested within the courtroom.

In the meanwhile, the United States District Attorney’s office reports that they were able to make an arrest after discovering numerous materials captured by surveillance.

The search of the vehicle yielded a mask, gloves, and a sweatshirt consistent with the attack depicted in the video, according to U.S. Attorney for the District of New Jersey Philip Sellinger.

This was a collaborative effort in response to the attack on Temple Ner Tamid on January 29.

“Hate crimes must cease,” stated an FBI officer.

Observe officials’ remarks following a court appearance

Attorney General of New Jersey Matt Plotkin stated, “We will continue to work relentlessly to defend you and ensure that you can live, worship, and enjoy your life freely and safely, regardless of who you are or how you pray.”

Sellinger stated, “No one should dread for their lives because of their religious practise.”

Synagogue members were present in court but refused to discuss the subject. They did told CBS2 that they were happy to hear that the suspect will remain in jail, as prosecutors argued he posed a threat to the community.

Prosecutors informed us that more evidence was discovered during the arrest, including a folder called “10 mile target” that contained the names of politicians.

As the investigation continues, it is unclear whether he acted alone, and additional charges may be brought.

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