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The “Rapist” Was Walking the Streets of New York Because Crime Control is Lax

A 21-year-old Manhattan lady was raped in her apartment over the weekend, apparently by a career criminal who, in a sane world, would have been behind bars. Another victim of New York’s weak approach to crime.

It took Jamel McIver 15 separate arrests and a plea deal in 2019 for him to be finally brought to justice for sexual assault and burglary in the Bronx.

Even that failed to put him away, though.

McIver agreed to participate in a rehabilitation program for a full two years.

Finally, he got himself expelled for using K-2, and nobody alerted the prosecution or the judge. He was out on the streets when he should have been in custody.

Authorities allege McIver then followed the victim into her apartment complex on Saturday and sexually assaulted her there. Everything about this stinks.

Why did the prosecution offer a man with 15 priors such a lenient plea deal?

Prosecutors said that in 2019 McIver broke into the bedroom of a 16-year-old girl and forced her to fondle him.

And now he’s off to rehab, huh?

In addition, prosecutors should have been contacted the second McIver broke the agreement by using drugs, and he should have been thrown in jail immediately.

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Nevertheless, McIver’s lawyer claims that his client never received an email from the city contractor that placed him in rehab.

Prosecutors and judges who offer repeat offenders endless “second chances” are all too common in New York’s criminal justice system.

Incompetent authorities and attorneys fail to see the risks of releasing a serial offender.

The frightening rise in crime in New York can be traced back to the same blithe disregard for public safety that led to the state’s reckless criminal-justice reforms like cashless bail, Raise the Age, and unrealistic burdens on prosecutors.

As of last Sunday, the number of big offenses this year was up 48% compared to the same time two years ago.

New York City’s murder rate has dropped by 8 percent since Mayor Eric Adams took office, thanks in large part to the efforts of the New York Police Department. And yet, rapes are up 17%, robberies are up 42%, and auto thefts are up 103%.

New Yorkers need lawmakers in Albany to fix the laws correctly and permanently to end the horrors, but they are resistant.

Defense attorneys, who are considered “officers of the court,” as well as prosecutors, judges, governmental agencies, and groups that handle services like rehabilitation are all expected to do their tasks properly and keep the victims in mind.

While justice is blind, she shouldn’t also have her wrists tied behind her back.

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