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The Potentially Lethal Fungus Candida Auris is Rapidly Spreading Across the United States

Several cases of a potentially fatal fungal illness have been reported in the Big Apple. The medical faculty at Yale is aware of the fungal illness known as Candida auris. Despite their knowledge of other Candida species, they claim this one is unique.

Researchers believe that climate change is the root cause of this new strain. Experiments have shown it can keep functioning in higher temperatures.

“It developed independently on four distinct continents at the same time,” said Yale New Haven Health’s associate medical director of infection prevention, Scott Roberts.

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Doctors have reported that the fungus spreads easily from person to person, especially among the elderly and those with compromised immune systems. At least some of them are resistant to all of the major kinds of antifungal drugs, as Roberts put it.

They believe there aren’t many occurrences in Connecticut, but Yale says they’ve seen it previously.

“Our hospital had a case, I believe immediately before the pandemic, and it was an international travel case from somebody who had had health care abroad in another facility and was then transported directly to our hospital,” Roberts explained.

“It can stay on surfaces and on gadgets for extended periods of time,” explained Dr. Jo-Anne Passalacqua of Saint Vincent’s Medical Center.

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The fungus might manifest as a rash, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Both heat and cold are symptoms. According to Passalacqua, “it causes bloodstream infection,” which is typical with indwelling medical equipment.

Saint Vincent’s Medical Center claims to have seen no cases as of yet. They claim that this is not a major issue for the majority of us. To paraphrase COVID-19, doctors said they don’t anticipate this fungus to become a global pandemic.

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