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The Impact of Entertainment on Your Child’s Education

There are thousands of various techniques and ways to educate your child. Most of them are very common and understandable for different layers of society and are considered as conventional. However, there are items that are modern and more controversial. One of them is entertainment. There is no united option regarding the concrete impact of such perspectives on children, but there are pros and cons, as everywhere. Hard to allocate it to the disadvantage, but entertainment techniques is definitely not something we are used to.

They were rarely used for children above 6 years old, leave alone the youth in college and universities who are getting the degree. So the exact benefits and the variety of such approaches we will discuss below.

Kinds of entertainments acceptable for education

Audio and video projects

There are entertainment methods that are not common in modern education, however, they are one of the most effective ones. I would include audio and video projects in this list. The reason why it is not common for teachers and professors to choose this type of education method is that it is really hard to estimate. It is almost impossible to create a grading model for this type of assignment. In addition, it is extremely subjective. Personal preferences, likes and dislikes will always take place in our lives no matter how far we are trying to be. It could easily be solved with having few professors estimating such projects, but this would require more preparation from both sides and could hardly pass for regular school homework.

There are your available essays on entertainment, its importance and necessity in education, as well as exact examples of entertainment. Furthermore, it would be extremely complicated for a college professor to give a bad grade for a student that invested time, knowledge and creativity into the project, so it could automatically become the task with the grade more than average. On the other hand, this is a project that would definitely interest students and be deeply involved in the topic.

It is so much more exciting to spend time on a project where you have a lot of room for expressing creativity including the entertainment essay. To successfully complete such an assignment, you still need to do research and invent your own way to create a video or audio piece. All in all, this would be one of the most beneficial kinds of entertainment to use in education.

​​Educational softwares

The world is developing very fast and it is sometimes hard to catch up with the trends, especially for education. It is considered old-school now to simply teach with boring homeworks, reading the same books and solving Math problems. You always need to investigate modern trends as well as the market of labor. Here is where the importance of entertainment comes up.

Educational softwares and edtech industry is developing very rapidly. On one hand, professors could look at such softwares with suspicancy, which is understandable.
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However, they could become the greatest help for academics. It would be very easy to delegate some of work like tests and exams, or maybe creating homework in the app. This would be beneficial for both sides. As for professors they could shift some of the liability to such softwares and, as a bonus, get a subjectivism free evaluator. As for students, they are getting an exciting task they did not complete before. In addition, this is very similar to how they are used to spending their free time.

Drama theater methods

Here is the method of entertainment which is not, and probably will not be too popular among college and university professors. It will also not be suitable for all courses, just a few, but there is a way to consider. Drama theater scenes and plays are hard work to do, requiring some creativity, knowledge and time. This will not be a typical lesson you would think of, but very practical.

Drama theater activities as a part of educational entertainment methods could be applicable for Literature courses, various language lessons and also classes related to sociology. What could teach a student to perform better rather than a performance on a stage? Public speaking is one of the hardest and yet most useful one to gain from college and drama theater is a way to achieve it.
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To conclude, it is absolutely important to highlight the importance of the entertainment approach in education. We used to think that studying is boring, long, but necessary. So this is why all schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions must break that myth. Studying is necessary, but can be interesting. It can be enjoyable and yet productive.

All educational softwares, drama theater, video and audio assignments are made to diversify the lessons and bring students to a better result. Professors shall not consider such methods as their competitors that are aiming to replace them. It should be their fellow companion you share a common goal with. And in that case we will be able to create a new, efficient education of the future.


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