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The Google Pixel Super Bowl 2023 Commercial Demonstrates How To Magically Remove Strangers From Photos

Google has gone above and above with its Super Bowl advertisement this year. The duration of the advertisement alone cost the firm $21 million, at a cost of $7 million every 30-second slot. Then there is everything associated with filming and production, as well as whatever a comedian, basketball star, or musician costs today. The objective appears to be to give the corporation an edge in the incredibly competitive smartphone market. The ad features Amy Schumer, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Doja Cat, but the actual star is Google’s flagship smartphone.

When the Pixel 7 was introduced in October 2022, Google emphasised one of its primary characteristics extensively. It wasn’t the Tensor G2 chip or the 50-megapixel primary camera that had made it into the phone. It was actually what happens to photographs after they are taken. Google’s most recent flagship product enables you to deblur shakier shots and clip out undesired persons or objects from otherwise flawless images.

It was a feature the corporation praised late last year, and Google is so proud of the almost magical function that it will be the focus of its entire three-minute Super Bowl advertisement in 2023. There is even a #FixedOnPixel hashtag where individuals can share how the function has helped them on social media – if you look between postings from Doja Cat lovers sharing behind-the-scenes clips and Google simply advertising its phone.

Google Flaunts The Pixel 7’s standout Feature

What about the advertisement itself? It begins with photographs of ordinary people’s special moments, all of which are flawed in some way. The magic eraser is used to remove a photobombing kid, a dog defecating, a chubby man catching a frisbee, and an ex-boyfriend, thereby improving the photographs.

Amy Schumer appears and finds that she can also eliminate her exes, so she deletes three of them. Giannis Antetokounmpo is currently thrilled that there is no evidence of Jaylen Brown dunking on him. The number of photobombs increases, while undesired individuals and t-shirt slogans are removed. The cat then eliminates the dogs from the background of one of its cat selfies.

Doja Cat then arrives at an awards ceremony to demonstrate the picture editor’s additional feature: the enhancement of a fuzzy image of some admirers to crystal clarity. The advertisement then transitions to show that this phone may be used to catch your children’s priceless moments, even if they are unable to remain still, as well as to restore photographs of your ancestors playing American football before it was fashionable. Although comparable to Apple’s Live Photo and Android’s Live Photo, this is not a feature.

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