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The $250k Ferrari Found At A Shop Belongs To A New Jersey Resident

A brand-new Ferrari Roma, valued at approximately $240,000, went down an elevator shaft at a Ferrari store in West Palm Beach, Florida. As the car was being transported to the third story of the dealership, the elevator failed, destroying the approximately $250,000 vehicle.

The vehicle had been purchased days prior and was registered to a New Jersey resident. A photograph of the car being hoisted out of the elevator shaft of a Florida dealership revealed the brand-new vehicle’s New Jersey licence plates.

The elevator was being used to transport the vehicle to the dealership’s showroom when the hydraulic lift failed, sending the vehicle plummeting to the bottom floor of the dealership.

As a result of the car’s fall, the gasoline system was damaged. In order to avert an explosion (which would have exacerbated the situation), the dealership’s power had to be switched off.

Palm Beach Fire Rescue responded to the incident. The fire rescue team was responsible for organising the extraction of the automobile from the elevator shaft.

Instagram published a video of the automobile in the elevator shaft before to its fatal fall. The car is in a very awkward position, protruding horizontally from the elevator shaft. The car’s front end is pointed towards the sky. As a counterbalance, the end of the elevator car balances on the edge of the elevator shaft.

It was assumed that the loss was the exclusive responsibility of the business, which it was, but it has been established that the vehicle belonged to and was registered to a New Jersey citizen.

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