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Tax Professionals and TPD Issue a Warning About Tax Season Fraud

Tax season, according to Tulsa Police, also means scam season. Everyone was warned to watch out for scammers by investigators.

Police say that scammers frequently take someone’s identity and file tax returns under that person’s name. Police confirmed to FOX23 on Thursday that they always file these cases with the IRS.

According to Tulsa Police Lt. Andrew Weeden, “This time of year, we do see an increase in tax scams.” Because the IRS is the foremost authority on tax law, “when we obtain those reports, we often will work with the IRS.”

Tax experts outlined how con artists will also act as tax preparers to obtain your data.

Treasure Offor, the owner of Richie Tax Services, advised customers to check the IRS website, Google the tax preparer’s name, and confirm that they are authorized to handle their taxes as paid preparers. “If they aren’t, that raises serious red flags. Don’t divulge any of your information to them.

Avoid transmitting any delicate information by text as this is another approach to safeguard your information. Offor advised solely relying on secure portals.

She advised me not to text anyone your details. Don’t provide your information if it goes to a client portal or an insecure email, the advice goes.

Overall, Offor and Lt. Weeden counseled prudence when filing taxes and handling personal information. Lt. Weeden advised filing a report if fraudsters obtain your tax information.

He advised, “File a police report in the agency where you dwell.”

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