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HomenewsSustainable Employment Initiative in New Jersey Gets $10 Million Start-up Funding

Sustainable Employment Initiative in New Jersey Gets $10 Million Start-up Funding

Lifelong Learning Accounts, a two-year trial initiative, empowers New Jersey people to find sustainable jobs (LiLA).

In partnership with Governor Phil Murphy’s Office, the Office of Innovation, and the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development (NJDOL), the $10 million initiative provides job-coaching, training, and employment support to the unemployed and chronically underemployed without college degrees or workplace credentials.

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Governor Murphy’s Future of Work project, LiLA, empowers participants to drive their career development and obtain the training and resources they need to succeed in the workforce. LiLA Grant organizations will be funded by the NJDOL to recruit and serve LiLA participants.

Stipends for childcare and transportation will assist participants to find permanent jobs and promote equity, upward mobility, and economic fairness.

Career counseling, mentoring, and labor market trends help participants progress in their careers. Each participant’s career strategy is customized.

The LiLA Grant is open to non-profits, for-profits, government agencies, and universities. The two-year trial program begins in March and ends in 2025.

Grantees must serve 100 low-income persons who have been unemployed for six months or more or are seriously underemployed and eager to train for work.

Upon fulfilling performance targets and expenditures, grantees will receive up to $750,000 each year.

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The program gives residents a $9,600 lifelong learning account for training, job development, childcare, and other significant employment expenses. New Jersey’s innovative initiative empowers residents and secures their future.

Lila Grant Dates:

  • Application deadline: March 10.
  • Workshop: February 15
  • Grants: March 31
  • Performance: April 1, 2023–March 31, 2025
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