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Specifically, the State of New Jersey One of Taylor Swift’s Fans Bought a Bogus Ticket to the Eras Tour.

Fans of Taylor Swift are still having trouble obtaining tickets for her concerts.

The New Jersey Police Department is issuing a warning to the public about scams that are associated with the upcoming Eras Tour.
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The authorities in Hackettstown

, which is found in the far northwestern part of the state, have reported that they have received a complaint from a resident of the area who claims that they were taken advantage of.

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The results of their investigation indicate that the woman made her purchase of the ticket online through the use of a Facebook group.

In addition to that, she sent $1,400 to the beneficiary through the use of an app.

There are allegations that after the woman paid for the ticket, the vendor attempted to con her out of further dollars; however, she was never handed the ticket.

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As a direct response to the chaos that took place with concert tickets in November, Taylor Swift supporters said at the beginning of December that they intended to file a lawsuit against Ticketmaster for fraud and deliberate misrepresentation.

The authorities advise using only the official websites for purchasing tickets and conducting background checks on any resellers of secondary market tickets in order to avoid falling prey to a scam.

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They also strongly advise reporting any potentially fraudulent conduct to the Better Business Bureau on a regular basis.


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