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Should Cops in New Jersey Be Able to Smoke Weed for Fun?

So, it really did take place. In the Garden State, it is now legal to use Mary Jane.

What do you think of it? I don’t think there’s much of a difference between now and when it wasn’t legal. The main difference is that our tax money isn’t always used to house people who went to jail for marijuana paraphernalia or for having weed on them.

I think it’s better this way, to be honest. Now, dispensaries can open, and marijuana can be taxed like cigarettes. Are there people who don’t agree with me about this? Of course. But don’t try to convince me that marijuana is a gateway drug. Sorry, people. That’s not how things are.

There is still work to be done on how the state handles the legal sale and distribution of marijuana, but it will get there in time.

But that does make a good point about who can legally drink and who can’t. For example, is it legal for truck drivers to smoke marijuana? On the job, they can’t have alcohol in their systems, so no, they can’t test positive for THC either.

Weed smoking etiquette, explained - Vox

When it comes to cops, the question is even more important. When they’re not on the job, they can have a beer or another alcoholic drink. When they’re not working, are they allowed to smoke weed?

A law that was passed a few months ago says that police officers can use marijuana for fun when they are not on duty. They would only be tested if it was thought that they were being used at work. Aside from that, they have to follow the same rules as everyone else.

So, the question is, should they be allowed to take part? Really, that’s something that should be up to each officer, don’t you think? The same as when someone decides to drink alcohol. All of them are adults. They can make decisions like an adult. Like the rest of us, they are also responsible for knowing what they can and cannot do.

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